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What's the Difference Between Aptamil, HiPP Organic, and Aptamil Advanced?

Creation date: Dec 13, 2023 11:50pm     Last modified date: Dec 13, 2023 11:50pm   Last visit date: Apr 8, 2024 11:27pm
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Jammess Jammess (jammess)

Explore variations in Aptamil, Aptamil Advanced, and HiPP Organic formulas, considering nutritional content and parental preferences.

Infant formulas have become too many and choosing the right one is daunting. I mean, each is marketed as the ‘best nutrition’ and this can be confusing. However, the 3 most talked about baby formulas are Aptamil, HiPP Organic, and Aptamil Advanced. Let’s explore their compositions, benefits, and suitability for various stages of your baby's development. 

Aptamil boasts a comprehensive nutrient blend, while HiPP Organic leans towards an organic, calcium-enriched composition. Aptamil Advanced, a suitable substitute from birth, aligns with Aptamil Profutura. Navigating these distinctions ensures informed choices for your little one's well-being. 

Aptamil: A Deep Dive

Aptamil, Europe's leading formula brand, emerges as a go-to choice for parents seeking optimal nutrition for their infants. With a formula enriched with prebiotics GOS and FOS, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, Aptamil 1 First Infant Milk supports digestive health and mirrors the richness of breast milk. Moreover, the inclusion of DHA in Aptamil Formula Stage 1 aligns with legal requirements, ensuring comprehensive development.

Transitioning into convenience and accessibility, Aptamil offers a stage-based nutrition approach, encompassing First Infant Milk and Follow On Milk. Its availability in various forms, including ready-to-feed liquid and powder options through major retailers like MC Grocer, enhances its accessibility for parents. Aptamil Advanced extends its commitment to infant growth and development from birth to 2 years.

Noteworthy is Aptamil's organic variant, Aptamil ORGANIC 1 Infant Formula, providing an alternative for those opting for organic options. The transparency in ingredient composition, including the removal of palm oil from the blend, underlines Aptamil's dedication to continuous improvement. Thus, Aptamil stands as a trusted, comprehensive, and accessible choice for parents navigating the world of infant formulas.

Aptamil Advanced: Innovations in Infant Nutrition

Aptamil Advanced sets the standard for infant nutrition, combining innovation and safety. The formula comes in a fully recyclable tin, showcasing Aptamil's commitment to environmental responsibility. The triple safety seal ensures the formula's freshness by preventing tampering, and the secure latch close adds an extra layer of protection against contaminations and spills.

Inspired by 50 years of research in early life science, Aptamil Advanced First Infant Milk is nutritionally complete, suitable as the sole source of nutrition from birth, and ideal for a weaning diet from 6 months. Pioneering a unique blend, it includes essential elements like GOS & FOS, Nucleotides, Zinc, Selenium, and a range of vitamins crucial for immune health, brain development, and visual function.

Aptamil Advanced not only excels in its nutritional content but also in convenience. The ready-to-feed option, such as the 200ml bottle, adds ease to feeding practices, adhering to halal certification standards for consumer inclusivity. The comprehensive list of ingredients ensures a balanced and wholesome nutritional profile, catering to various dietary needs.

Plus, switching from Aptamil to Aptamil Advanced is safe, but individual baby adaptation may vary. The updated formulation, now known as Aptamil Advanced Follow On Milk, retains essential elements like DHA and iron, supporting immune system function and cognitive development. Consequently, Aptamil Advanced not only prioritizes nutritional excellence but also introduces innovative packaging for enhanced safety, making it a leading choice in infant nutrition.

HiPP Organic: Nature's Best for Your Baby


HiPP Organic baby formula stands out as nature's best for your baby, offering a range of features that prioritize organic, high-quality ingredients. Crafted from organic milk, lactose, and vegetable oils, HiPP Organic is free from artificial sweeteners, GMOs, synthetic preservatives, colors, and flavors. This ensures a pure and wholesome start for your little one.

Enriched with essential elements like probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, D, and C, HiPP Organic supports optimal growth and development. Notably, it contains fish oil, making it unsuitable for vegetarians. Additionally, HiPP offers various organic formula options, each designed to cater to specific needs. From HiPP 1 Organic Combiotic First Infant Milk with GOS for a healthy gut to HiPP Organic CS Kindermilk for children above 3 years old, the brand ensures a comprehensive range suitable for different age groups.

Why choose HiPP Organic? The answer lies in its commitment to using only the finest, gentle organic ingredients, with cows grazing on natural meadows adhering to organic farming guidelines. This dedication extends to recyclable packaging, reflecting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

HiPP Organic formula, suitable from birth, offers a nutritionally complete breastmilk substitute for combination or bottle-fed babies. With added omega-3 (DHA) and a focus on high-quality ingredients, HiPP Organic ensures a gentle start for your newborn, backed by 60 years of breastmilk research.

Comparing Aptamil, Aptamil Advanced, and HiPP Organic: Key Differences

Understanding the nuances of Aptamil, Aptamil Advanced, and HiPP Organic is crucial for informed parenting choices. Here's a concise comparison highlighting key aspects:




Aptamil Advanced

HiPP Organic

Organic certification




Formula Type




Best Age

Newborns onwards

Newborns, weaning from 6 months

Birth to toddlers above 3 years


Prebiotics, HMOs, vitamins, minerals

GOS & FOS, DHA, nucleotides, essential vitamins, minerals

Organic milk, probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3, and 6

Taste and Palatability

Balanced taste

Formulated for palatability inspired by breast milk

Natural taste favorably received by many babies

Allergies and Sensitivities

Various formulas for allergies, sensitivities

Formulas for cow's milk allergy, not suitable for lactose intolerance

Hypoallergenic series, formulas for cow's milk allergy, reflux, and more

Global Availability and Regulations

Strict adherence to US FDA nutrient requirements, available globally, halal certified

Strict adherence to US FDA nutrient requirements, available globally, halal certified

Not FDA approved, stringent organic seal surpassing EU standards, distributed in 57 countries


Best Age: 

Aptamil is formulated for newborns, starting from birth, while Aptamil Advanced is tailored for newborns and supports weaning from 6 months. Additionally, HiPP Organic offers a comprehensive range catering to various stages, from birth to toddlers above 3 years.

Ingredients Breakdown

Aptamil includes prebiotics, HMOs, vitamins, and minerals for complete nutrition. Aptamil Advanced enriches its formula with GOS & FOS, DHA, nucleotides, and essential vitamins and minerals. HiPP Organic distinguishes itself with ingredients sourced from organic milk, free from synthetic additives, and enriched with probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3, and 6.

Production Processes

Aptamil is recognized for its stringent quality control and advanced production methods. Aptamil Advanced draws inspiration from 50 years of research, ensuring nutritional excellence. HiPP Organic prioritizes organic farming, adhering to strict guidelines throughout its production.

Taste and Palatability

Aptamil provides a balanced taste widely accepted by infants. Aptamil Advanced is formulated for palatability, inspired by the composition of breast milk. HiPP Organic offers a natural taste, favorably received by many babies.

Allergies and Sensitivities

HiPP Organic:

HiPP Organic provides several baby formulas designed for babies with allergies and sensitivities, including the HypoAllergenic Infant Formula-Series. This series encompasses HiPP HA Stage 1 Hypoallergenic Formula, tailored for babies with suspected allergies or cow's milk protein intolerance. The formula contains a hypoallergenic protein diet with milk split into simple molecules. Additionally, HiPP Anti Reflux, featuring locust bean gum for a thicker, creamier formula to aid with spit-up, and HiPP HA Combiotic, specifically for babies with milk protein allergies.

Signs of a baby formula allergy, including hives, eczema, diarrhea, vomiting, and more, are carefully considered by HiPP Organic. Formula alternatives for babies with cow's milk allergy, such as hydrolyzed cow's milk, rice-based, and soy-based formulas, are also offered. Additionally,HiPP Organic milk formula supplements are formulated to be free from harmful chemicals and common allergens, ensuring no gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, shell fruits, nuts, and fish.


Aptamil addresses allergies and intolerances with products like Aptamil Gold+ Pepti-Junior, suitable for infants with confirmed cow's milk allergy and/or soy protein allergy, and Aptamil AllerPro SYNEO 1, formulated for cows' milk allergy. Other options include amino acid-based formulas like Neocate, EleCare, PurAmino, and Alfamino.

Aptamil Advanced:

It's important to note that Aptamil Advanced First Infant milk is not suitable for babies with cows' milk allergy or lactose intolerance.

Global Availability and Regulations

Aptamil strictly adheres to stringent US FDA nutrient requirements, ensuring optimal safety and nutrition. Available globally, specific Aptamil milks are halal certified. With a noteworthy reformulation in March 2022, Aptamil exemplifies its unwavering commitment to quality, standing out as one of the world's most regulated and tested products. Its travel-friendly powdered formula is permitted in unlimited amounts on flights. Same goes to Aptamil Advanced.

On the other hand, HiPP, distributes in 57 countries. HiPP's organic standards surpass EU regulations, certified by both EU and UK bodies. Although not halal certified, HiPP products are GMO-free and devoid of pork, lamb, beef, or chicken derivatives. While not FDA approved due to non-US manufacturing, HiPP maintains a stringent organic seal, surpassing EU standards.

Pediatrician Recommendations

Feeding your baby is a delicate journey, demanding thoughtful consideration. Pediatricians serve as crucial guides in this process, offering recommendations tailored to your infant's needs. 

Aptamil, a frequently endorsed choice, provides formulas suitable for various stages of your baby's development. Aptamil Stage 1, designed for newborns, stands out with its comprehensive formula. Enriched with prebiotics (GOS and FOS) for digestive health, Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) 3'GL for overall well-being, and vital vitamins and minerals like A, potassium, and calcium, it ensures a nourishing start. Moreover, DHA (Omega-3 LCPs) is included, fulfilling legal requirements for baby formulas. Aptamil's easy digestibility and its role as a balanced breastmilk substitute make it a favored choice among pediatricians.

For those seeking an advanced option, Aptamil Advanced, recommended by pediatricians, serves as a versatile feeding solution. Suitable from birth and extending to Aptamil 3 for babies over 6 months, it provides essential nutrients. Pediatricians stress the importance of breastfeeding, but in circumstances where formula feeding is necessary, Aptamil Advanced proves beneficial.

HiPP formulas shine in the realm of organic choices. Produced under strict organic regulations, HiPP Organic formulas, including DHA for brain development, align with pediatric recommendations for clean, sustainable ingredients. When navigating these feeding choices, always consult your pediatrician for personalized instructions catering to your baby's unique needs.

Sustainability Practices

Aptamil leads in sustainability, exemplified by the carbon-neutral Irish plant, powered by renewable energy. Their Organic range adheres to stringent standards, emphasizing animal welfare, minimal pesticide use, and zero artificial fertilizers. Additionally, palm oil removal showcases environmental responsibility. Aptamil Advanced focuses on tailored nutrition and environmental safety. 

HiPP Organic, with over 60 years in organic farming, prioritizes biodynamic practices and global resource conservation. HiPP's formulas, free from hormones or antibiotics, embrace recyclable packaging. The brand's comprehensive sustainability strategy actively pursues ecological, economic, and social goals. 

Together, Aptamil and HiPP commit to quality baby formulas while positively impacting the environment.

Choosing the Right Formula for your Kid

Understanding the nuances between Aptamil, HiPP Organic, and Aptamil Advanced empowers parents to make informed choices for their little ones. These formulas cater to different needs, offering a range of options. For hassle-free shopping, explore these products from popular stores at – your trusted destination for quality baby essentials.