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Immigration Lawyers At Lozano Law Firm Help Create Waivers

Those seeking entrance or legal status in the United States may run across specific reasons for inadmissibility due to the complexities of the visa process. The good news is, there are waivers, and immigration lawyers at Lozano Law Firm can help you overcome these obstacles. This article aims to explain the goals and types of immigration waivers while highlighting the crucial part played by lawyers in their drafting.


Importance Of Immigration Lawyers At Lozano Law Firm

To create an immigration waiver, immigration law and the particular requirements of each form must be well understood. Legal representatives bring knowledge and experience to the table. They ensure these documents are painstakingly drafted and adapted to each applicant's unique situation. They compile supporting data and make compelling arguments increasing the chances of approval.


The team of attorneys at Lozano Law Firm knows the relevance of waivers. It helps achieve the goals of people wanting to live in the United States. 


Understanding Immigration Waivers

Immigration waivers are formal procedures intended to remove some grounds for exclusion. It allows people to enter the country or change their status despite the limitations. They serve as a vital tool for those denied entry.


Waivers for immigration serve various purposes enabling people to solve problems that can obstruct their immigration goals. The following are some reasons why individuals resort to filing waivers:


  • Overcome judicial exclusion. Waivers may allow people with specific criminal records to enter or stay in the United States.
  • Address medically relevant grounds for exclusion. Concerns about health-related inadmissibility, such as infectious illnesses, can be addressed by requesting waivers.
  • Put an end to immigration offenses. Waivers enable those who have broken the law to change their status and avoid deportation.
  • Reconcile families. Waivers are essential to family-based immigration because they enable people to clear barriers to admission and reunite with their loved ones.


Seeking professional's assistance is essential when exploring the technicalities of immigration waivers and their types. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to precisely traverse challenging aspects of waiver generation and increase their chances of approval.


Various Types Of Immigration Waivers

Consulting a knowledgeable immigration lawyer is necessary if immigration finds the immigrant inadmissible. They can advise clients on eligibility and help them through the waiver application procedure. The Lozano Law Firm consistently pursues every suitable route for immigration relief for its clients. They have the competence and skills to handle all forms of visa waiver petitions.


I-601 Waiver

Immigrants can avail of this waiver if they have a relative whose expulsion from the country would cause them great hardship. It will help anyone with a pending visa application, green card, or adjustment of status. There must be enough proof to show you are the only one supporting a U.S. citizen.


An I-601 waiver can cancel any inadmissibility brought on by unauthorized presence, a criminal conviction, or visa fraud. To find out the inclusions and limitations applicable to your circumstances, always seek the assistance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer.


I-601A Temporary Waiver

You may submit an I-601A waiver application if your I-130 petition has been approved. It aims to relieve the immigrant of their unlawful presence in the country and lift the three-year or 10-year bar on them. It allows applicants to freely travel abroad to fulfill all criteria before returning to the United States. You do not have to wait years to get an immigrant visa if you have a dependable immigration lawyer advocating for your rights.


I-212 Waiver

This immigration waiver intends to help individuals prohibited entry to the United States due to a criminal conviction or an unapproved overseas stay. It is your only option if confronted with deportation because of proven criminal accusations or expulsion processes.



For anyone facing grounds for inadmissibility, immigration waivers are crucial tools. With the help of Lozano Law Firm's immigration lawyers and the availability of several types of waivers, people may overcome challenges and work toward their objectives. Whether it's the I-601, I-601A, or I-212 waiver, getting help is essential to navigating the intricate process and boosting success rates. With their knowledge, the firm can offer the assistance required to help people successfully navigate the immigration process.


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