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Gas Flow Meter Maintenance - What You Should Know



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The gas flow meter was removed

The gas mass flow meter is heavy, and the chain is hung over the pipe, and the hoisting belt is used to remove the connecting bolt. Remove the pipe flange with a crowbar, and gradually drop the chain.


To remove the meter head, place it in a safe position, loosen the screw around the top cover, and gently lift the side with the starter, turning it and lifting it, and protecting the copper gear as you do so.


A magnetic coupling, synchronous gear, and gear box should be removed. Loosen the bolt around the box, remove the cover, protect the sealing ring, loosen the nut, and rotate the synchronous gear. Loosen the round nut, remove the stop washer, remove the oil baffle, and synchronize the gear. Reverse the shell and remove the synchronous gear at the other end. Protect the copper gear and the magnetic coupling.


To remove the bearing and bearing seat, loosen the fastening screw with the fixed screw on one end of the shaft, and tap the end cover to separate the retaining ring. Remove the bearing and bearing seat. Flip the flow meter cavity over and remove the other end.

A conjugate rotor should be removed

Make sure that all parts are maintained when disassembling, and that installation marks are placed.

Spare parts cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining gears is necessary because long-term corrosion wears down the surface of the teeth. Foreign bodies must be removed from the teeth, and oil must be maintained.


It is important to clean and lubricate the bearings. Cleaning removes rust and allows the ball to rotate freely. Use grease as a backup, change as needed, clean the bearing surface as well.


For optimal performance of the cylinder, clean the conjugate rotor. Remove rust from the rotor and brush off dirt to restore the roundness of the edges. Rounded corners need to be properly rounded to keep the cylinder functioning. Maintain the relative position between the rotors and clean up the debris at the end of the rotors.




The rotor must be free of any burrs and sundries, and the surface and interior must be thoroughly cleaned.


The head copper gear reducer and magnetic seal coupling device should be maintained to ensure that the wheel is working normally. Click here

Cleaning with kerosene, removing surface stains, restoring performance, or preparing substitutes.


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