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Importance of Walk in Freezers and Walk in Cold Rooms

When we store comestibles at home, we do not need to maintain too low temperatures, as the kind of food items that we store at homes are rather perishable, but these food items are not the ones, that need to be stored at extra low temperatures. We do have Cold storage systems and Cold rooms for the perishable comestibles, for example: meat, fish, beef, poultry and dairy products etc. as these food items are likely to decay/spoil at the earliest, if these items are not likely to be refrigerated at the appropriate temperatures. For such perishable items we have different kinds of large sized freezers, which are insulated, enclosed spaces, particularly used for the storage of refrigerated or perishable food items.


One such example of the storage space is Walk in Freezer room. Walk in freezers and refrigerators are especially used in the large food processing industries, these are large, insulated spaces (insulation means: when a substance is used to cover something, in order to stop heat), which are especially used to avoid spoilage and decays.


Walk in freezers are those freezers which operate below 0 degrees and walk in refrigerators are the ones which are able to operate above 0 degrees and below 13 degrees. Components of a typical walk in freezer and refrigerator are:

Refrigerant flow, Evaporator, Air Cooled condenser, Expansion device, Access Door, Mobile Container Blast Freezer, Compressor etc.

There are 2 types of walk in freezers found in sites like

Prefabricated Walk in freezers and Built in Walk in Freezers.  

Prefabricated freezers are:

1# Difference between Prefabricated and Walk in Freezers is that: Prefabricated freezers are, multifaceted.

2# These are easily affordable.

3# It is triggers the growth in business or profession, eventually causing less harm to the work.

Built in Freezers are:

4# Tremendous when it is about their shape and size.

5# These freezers are built according to the basic needs of the consumers.




But, in case if we compare the walk in freezer with cold room freezer; a walk in freezer doesn’t require the same level of freezing temperature as needed by the walk in cold rooms.

Walk in cold rooms are used to keep comestibles at low range of temperatures, but, above freezing. In case of Walk in cold rooms, it needs to be made sure that we can immediately use the items, without finding the need to defrost those items. Walk in freezers are mainly use to avoid the decay of pharmaceuticals, specimens used in laboratories etc. It is amongst one of the biggest advantages of these freezers, that the range of temperature could be set according to the product requirement.

When it is about comparing storage space occupied by Walk in freezer and Walk in cold rooms, unlike temperatures, the storage space required by both of them, is not much different. Technically; walk in freezer and walk in cold room both need similar internal volumes.

Therefore walk in freezers and walk in cold rooms both have equal importance, rather differing on the basis of temperature and other aspects.

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