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About Brine Shrimp Eggs Factory China



Brine shrimps are very important part of the ecosystem of the Great Salt Lake. They are the main source of food for the birds which are migrating and take a stop at the lake. They also assist to clean up the water by controlling the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and other waste products around them.


This is a common name for the species Artemia Salina. Actually their shape is similar to shrimps but they are crustaceans. They are not related to the shrimp you find in the nature but and they can be seen in every part of the world. They are commonly used for feeding the fish in the aquariums and they are one of the most favorite foods for any pet fish. Though they live in saltwater, they cannot be found in oceans, because they have many predators there. They can grow in inland saltwater lakes as it is relatively safe place for them.


The speed with which they grow is very fast. They can grow from larvae to fully grown adults in only two weeks. During this time, their size increases very fast. If there are no predators, the rate of their growth is fascinating.


They will lay eggs during the fall and in the winter and their cysts (eggs) will float on the surface of the water during both these seasons. Once the summer starts, the eggs will be hatched. Once they are hatched, the juveniles will start growing at a very fast rate. At birth they have only one eye but as they grow up, they will develop two eyes.


One of the special aspects of their lifestyle is to remain dormant for a very long period of time. During adverse conditions, their cysts can remain dormant. These cysts are really tough and they can withstand in almost any environment. So even if there is a wide fluctuation in the temperature, they are able to survive. They can successfully survive in deserts for 10 years. This is possible because of their ability to lose as well as regain their intracellular water. Interestingly, these cysts were chosen for the experiments in the space because of their small size. It was helpful the scientists to find out the effects of radiation on cells!


They are considered to be the best food for many species of fish. You can store them in many ways. You can keep them in the refrigerator and they will stay there for several days. Once you take the amount, you can warm them and give a feed before you offer them to your pet fish. They will lose their food value if they are not enriched before offering to the fish.


Shandong Youfa Aquatic Products Co., LTD is the predecessor of SHANDONG YOUFA GROUP CORP. Located in core area of efficient ecological economic zone in Yellow River Delta, Wudi county in Shandong blue economic zone and ringing Bohai economic circle hinterland.


Our company is a professional manufacturer in research, development, production and sales of artemia cysts, brine shrimp eggs and shelling eggs. We take pride in providing quality products and service in helping you achieve your goals in this ever changing industry. we have artemia breeding field, produce 100 tons finished Bohai Bay artemia cysts per annum.


We are able to command the lowest prices and pass this on to our customers. We have rich experience in exporting and has exported to thailand, vietnam, malaysia, indonesia, philippines, korea and taiwan, but also in czech republican, denmark and greece south america, etc.

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