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Best Purchase for the Wholesale Products in China



In this article we will list the reasons why electronic objects are among the most difficult to import from China, where it is possible to buy such products and what are the most common mistakes made by inexperienced importers who are preparing to import electronics from China. With the online wholesale from China the deals are perfect now.

Importing custom electronic items (OEM) requires some technical expertise

Suppose you want to buy LED screens, those used to display advertisements in building walls or at airports. In reality you're not buying screens, but a series of components that, once assembled, will become LED screens.


Some components work in perfect synergy when they are assembled to make a product. Others are incompatible. This is a difficult puzzle to compose, and a single mistake can render the entire product useless.


All this would not be a problem if the supplier was guiding the importer's choices and ensuring the compatibility of the various components. But due to the following reasons, Chinese companies that deal with making electronic products tend to provide limited help:


It is possible that the manufacturing company does not have the necessary knowledge in terms of software and components to create the product you have designed and guarantee its functionality. You will have the cheapest products in China now.


It is possible that misunderstandings may occur. It is easier to confuse the importer's instructions when working on a complex product


We are not suggesting that all small and medium-sized importers who do not have adequate experience should avoid importing electronic items. My advice is rather to avoid, at least initially, customized electronic products (OEM). Buying a product designed by the supplier (ODM) is in fact much easier and safer here

It does not require in-depth technical knowledge of the product

The risk of encountering components that are incompatible is minimal as it is a product designed by the manufacturing company (instead of you)


Should something go wrong the supplier cannot accuse you of selecting the wrong components. This does not mean that he will not try (I still recommend signing a sales agreement before placing the order)


Most suppliers are used to applying the buyer's logo to the product, and customizing colors or packaging is not a problem. So, you can sell a product designed by the factory as "yours," that is, using your brand. To buy cheapest products this is important. 



Safety regulations and standards

Not all Chinese manufacturing companies have the experience and production capacity to make an electronic product that meets European certification standards.

Products that do not comply with the standards are illegal and, moreover, when it comes to electronics, there is a risk that the product may explode in the face of the customer (yes, it has already happened) or that you buy a container of goods with a defect rate higher than 50%.


Certified products are more expensive than non-compliant ones as high-quality materials and components and more complex assembly procedures are required. And since many importers give more importance to the price rather than to the laws in force in the importing country, Chinese suppliers have no qualms about using fake certificates (knowing that the importer, satisfied for the price obtained, will not ask too many questions). For the global online wholesale products this is important.

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