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Energy drinks, Energy shots, Energy mixes and more

There are literary thousands of energy products on the market today making up a $49.9-billion-dollar global industry. All these products claim to boost energy, help concentration and enhance performance... but only one of these products is the #1 Energy Candy in the World. It’s called Kabang Energy Candy.


Kabang Energy Candy has more than Ten years of proven success, consistently being crowned the #1 Energy Candy in the world.


Kids love Kabang because the hard-shelled delicious, juicy, fruit-flavored candy blasts out one of the four awesome flavors-- Cherry, Watermelon, Grape, & Apple—into their mouths paired with a jolt of unchained energy and tingling fizz.


Parents love Kabang, knowing each flavor-packed candy provides their children with 100% of Vitamin B6, 200% of Vitamin B12, 33% of Vitamin C plus Ginseng. Health- conscious people love knowing that Kabang contains only three grams of sugar, just 15 Calories and five Carbs, and that Kabang is 100% Caffeine Free & Gluten Free. Kabang is also the favorite energy boost for sports enthusiasts and extreme sports superstars around the world and is the Only Caffeine Free energy candy on the market today.


Kabang Energy Candy has been selling on Amazon for seven years, accumulating 5 star ratings and a coveted Amazon Choice Award. Kabang is sold in Rite Aid Pharmacies, convenient stores, gas stations, grocery stores and bodegas nationwide.


Kabang Energy Candy comes in a bag of 12 individually-wrapped pieces of candy for a retail price of only $4.99. While all other energy products will only last you a few hours, those 12 pieces of Kabang will last you up to 6 days! That comes out to less than 42 cents a piece, giving the consumers a jaw-dropping value for an intensely delicious product.


With thousands and thousands of satisfied customers and people clamoring for a healthy, delicious, caffeine-free energy boost, rush to pick up a bag at your local Rite Aid, or convenient store, gas station, grocery store or bodega before they burst off the shelves.


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