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Design Your Own Bag and Be Your Own Boss BY GRINSTANT



In a world where off the rack merchandise, from jeans to shirts to bags, everything seems to look generic even if each has different design. Mass production of everything has made us lose our creativity. This is what Grinstant Mix and Match backpacks is about to change.


The introduction of Grintant’s concept of allowing its customers to design their own bags is truly revolutionary. This concept is hinged on full mix and match of fashion apparel while providing customers the chance to showcase their creativity by appearing different anywhere they go. It’s more like painting a blank canvas but this time, customers do the selection and choice, and Grinstant do the work.


Living in one of the most crowded places on earth, and seeing millions of people on the street, Wayne Chung, founder of Grinstant wondered why everyone wore generic colors and the same designs of apparels. “Why aren’t there different shades,” Chung asked. “What happened to some unique and distinct prints? Why do people wear the same design of bags often,” he added.

So, why not let them?


After a careful market research, the tip of the iceberg surfaced. A lot of people would love to free style and show their creativity in prints and shades, but the chance of doing so is virtually nil and it is very expensive to go for custom – design apparel. This is no long a problem because that gap is what Grinstant has come to fill. The company created a unique platform that will allow its customers to be their own bosses and showcase their creativity by customizing and designing their own backpacks in various prints and colors.


The process is very simple and everything from selection to creation is already on their website. You only have to choose whether to go for a 13 inch or a 15.6 inch backpack and you are set to go. Choose what series you want and the patterns to incorporate in your backpack. You also get to choose the type of pocket you want, the type of bag you want done and the straps on it and you will have your very own, unique backpack that you won’t see from other people because it is created according to your taste and creative flare.


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