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A complete guide to dab rig

A dab rig is a device which is used to smoke concentrates of cannabis, CO2 oil, rosin, butane hash oil. Dab rigs are also called oil rigs, and its concentrates and oils are pretty popular these days due to some reasons listed below. If you are looking forward to know more about the dab rig please check out the best rigs at


1# They deliver quick results, which helps in relieving people suffering from chronic pain or diseases. 

2# They are not too harsh on lungs as they release vapour of the concentrate, not the smoke. 




Dab rigs can be purchased from any smoke stores. Many people prefer purchasing online because cheap dab rigs are available on the internet. Even the offline marketers sell best dab rigs. It is up to you, from where you choose to purchase the dab rig.


How to use a dab rig?

 When dabbing for the first time, many people face difficulties. Well, there are some simple and easy steps that you can follow to have a perfect shot.


1# The very first step is pouring water into the chamber of the rig. Make sure you do not overfill the chamber. You can check the amount of water required by blowing into the chamber. If the water splashes out, it is overfilled, if the water is shallow, it is less filled.


2# The next step is to season your dab nail, by placing it into the rig and heating it with the torch. When the nail turns red, use a dabbing wand to cover the nail with a small amount of concentrate.


3# Then, use a tong to remove the dab nail and place it in a bowl of water. You need to do this to cool down the nail. Make sure, you follow this at least 3 times.


4# When you nail is seasoned, it is time to dab. Use your rig to smoke a small amount of concentrate. A small amount of concentrate is preferable for dabbing.


5# Then point the torch on the nail, to turn it red hot.


6# Allow the nail to be cooled for 30 seconds. Then, using your dabber place the concentrate on the nail, until it starts melting. 


7# Use the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor, until the chamber is empty.




Advantages of dabbing 

1# Dabbing is strong; you can get high by just smoking a small amount of the concentrate. 

2# It lasts long. Dabbing when compared to other smoking methods can last longer. Dabbing 

requires a small amount of concentrate for a single shot, whereas smoking from a bong or other devices require too much cannabis for a long hit, for this reason dabbing last longer. 

3# No smell of water. While dabbing, you don’t need to worry about the foul smell of the water. The water inside the dab rig is grossed in a unique way to prevent any nasty smell. And you also need to worry about sipping the water while dabbing.

4# Dabbing prevents stale smell and taste. It really sucks, while smoking when you had a stale hit. Dab rigs continuously recycle the smoke inside it, so as to prevent a stale hit.  Also, you need not worry about the stale smell, dabbing prevent stale smell too.

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