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"Man Up" Spiritual Oasis for Men, on Soundcloud, itunes, Facebook and twitter

After Podcast 111 was posted on SoundCloud Wednesday night (7/10), Bill wrote his usual Facebook post with a link to the SoundCloud page and clicked on “Post.” He immediately received a message from Facebook that the link violated Facebook community standards and was blocked. He was offered a link to a page where he could appeal the decision. Bill has done so but has yet to receive any further information.


Facebook provided no other reasons for the block. At our end, we have no idea why this would happen. We are not a political podcast. Each week, we examine a section of Biblical scripture and discuss it from a Christian perspective. The four of us have diverse points of view. While we get into some discussions of secular culture, these have always been done respectfully and we have never attacked or disparaged members of another religion or minority group. Click here 

The ban says more about Facebook than Man Up.

As best we could tell, Facebook’s algorithms picked up keywords and hashtags like Christianity, Bible and Men and concluded we were toxic. Listen to any of our podcasts for 5 or 10 minutes and you’ll see this is not true.

Are you offended by the ban?

We’re more bemused that angry. We think it speaks to one of our regular assertions: that those making decisions in media are more ignorant about Christians and Christianity than aggressively hostile. This podcast ban, without any regard to the content, speaks to the prejudices of the Facebook people who baked it into the algorithms: Men + Christianity = Bad. Visit here

What is the Man Up podcast?

We call the Man Up podcast a “spiritual oasis for men.” We tailor our content for a male audience who can range from Christians committed to deepening their faith to those merely interested in learning more about Christianity and the Bible. We have been podcasting weekly for more than two years. Generally, we use the Connect360 Series published by BaptistWayPress as a guide to the scripture we study each week, but we also have also devoted series of podcasts to faith-based books dealing with men’s ministry, such as Six Battles Every Man Must Win, by Bill Perkins. While it is aimed at men, the podcast also received positive feedback from female listeners.


If it can happen to us, regular guys, than so to for others

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