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Living Life on Subscription with Lookaftermi: A Smart Way of Living in This Modern Age

If we take a look at the lives of people around us, we all realize that it has changed. The fact that technology and urban lifestyle are the reasons behind it is undeniable. Today, people always search for something that has the best value of money and look for a way to create an easy, effortless and simple life. From many ways offered, living life on subscription can be a smart choice to fulfill all needs and desires.


Despite subscription-based system has been around for a long time, it was only for simple things like subscribing to magazines or newspaper. However, today subscription covers a wider range of categories, such as beauty, transportation, entertainment, health, fitness and food, following an impressive development of sophisticated technology and increasing demands. Food, as a basic need of living, is increasing much. According to MarketLine Industry Profile, more than 30% of global private consumption is in Southeast Asia, worth of tens of trillions of dollars. As beauty and wellness becomes a trend, today people on average spend 38% of monthly expenses on Beauty and Wellness, based on HKDTC Research. In addition, entertainment industry also shows an impressive income. The amusement-park industry now has 450 million visitors in Asia, the largest market in the world, as Greg Hale, Chairman of International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions said. 


Lookaftermi: A Better Lifestyle for Everybody


Found in 2018, Lookaftermi is a marketplace platform offering subscription plans covering beauty, food, education and entertainment. However, it is more than just a booking platform - it provides a unique platform that transforms the way people live. Promoting living life on subscription, Lookaftermi expects its platform will help its subscribers to get a better lifestyle by simplifying the process of getting services and products only at one single platform that already covers them all. Lookaftermi understands that there is an increasing demand of various services, especially in food, beauty and entertainment, as the side-effects of hectic urban lifestyles. For that reason, Lookaftermi offers a lot of deals and services from a wide range of categories that allow its subscribers to get them effortlessly. 


The founder of Lookaftermi, Budiyono Salim, has thought it best to operate a subscription-based marketplace platform as he is aware of the inconsistencies in purchase by clients due to their busy schedule and other circumstances. Furthermore, with subscription-based, a one-time sale can turn into a consistent sale which will build its brand loyalty. Besides, it saves more money that would have been spent on single purchases. Currently Lookaftermi launches site across Southeast Asia first, then expanding to Australia and USA soon, targeting English reading consumers. 


Lookaftermi understands that millennials want something hassle-free, fast, easy and has the best value of money. Not only offering a better lifestyle for its subscribers, but Lookaftermi also offers a better lifestyle for its merchants. Lookaftermi understands the problems experienced by merchants in the digital age, so that Lookaftermi comes to solve it by providing multiservices on a single platform which ensures the accuracy, dependability and efficiency in its subscription system. This system will help merchants simplify their business process, secure the payment, get a better cash flow management and grow their business. Furthermore, Lookaftermi can be their external marketing agency that will promote their business to thousands of its users. 


Is Living Life on Subscription with Lookaftermi a Smart Way of Living in This Modern Age?  


In general, subscription-based model offered by Lookaftermi can be beneficial for both side, entrepreneur and customers. On merchant side, it helps them generate more revenue as Lookaftermi will expose their brands to thousands people throughout Southeast Asia. What makes Lookaftermi unique is it offers all services from various merchants at one price. Lookaftermi understands that time is valuable for its subscribers and wants its subscribers get the best services with the least waste of time and effort by providing numerous services on a single platform with detail information of each service, including rating and reviews, without wasting time on comparing price. For merchant side, it will help them avoid a price war and focus on service quality. Besides, Lookaftermi will help you stay within budget. Lookaftermi understands that creating a spending plan is important. By subscribing Lookaftermi, they will know how much money they have to spend on particular needs each month. In addition, Lookaftermi offer services at very reasonable costs which allow them save more money. Furthermore, this system will simplify their booking process. By subscribing Lookaftermi, they do not have to book every month. The system will automatically do it, allowing them get what they need before they actually need it and they can change it anytime they want because the reservation is open 24 hours. In terms of payment, Lookaftermi provides an integrated automatic payment system which allows our subscriber to have an easy and safe way to both book and pay for their offerings. 

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