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Amazon Advertising Strategy And Unique Selling Proposition

Developing an internet marketing strategy is woven with the unique selling proposition. You really can not separate the two concepts from each other. When is the last time you saw an ad for the online mega-success Wait, I'll tell you... It was more than two years ago.


That's when, the online retail giant, announced that they were going to abandon advertising completely. No more clever television spots. No more full-page magazine ads. No newspaper. No radio. No emails. No pop ups. Not even a $2 classified ad in your local free paper. They changed their approach the Marketing Psychology.


They put their entire advertising budget into free shipping for their customers. But something funny happened on the way to the bottom. Twelve months after gave up on traditional advertising, it announced a 37 percent INCREASE in sales. International sales were up a baffling 81 percent. While their competition was treading water, was leaping upward and posting profits in every quarter.


To what did they owe this windfall of new found success? They shifted their overall marketing strategy. The marketers at simply listened to their customers' changing needs and met them. Now that was a big gamble for an amazon advertising strategy.


Consumers are searching for something more personal. They're looking for a company that meets their needs - exactly. This is where your internet marketing strategy comes into play.

The Internet, you see, is the new frontier. It allows us to communicate like never before. We can build profitable relationships... friendships even... without leaving our homes.

And that's what this all comes down to. Now, just like 100 years ago, people want to do business with a friend. Human psychology doesn't change. Consumers don't choose things because they're the cheapest, the best, the brightest or the most convenient. We choose things that make us feel good. We choose things that we can trust. Whether selling books or DVDs your marketing needs to connect with your customers on a personal level. It needs to build a relationship.


Internet Marketing, in a way, is like dating. And just like in dating, you need to offer something special. You need to set yourself a part from the crowd. You need to be unique. That's exactly what did with their commitment to service. What's your unique selling proposition (USP)?


This is important. So, take a minute to think about it now. In fact, let's write it up so you know exactly what you have to offer in these new customer relationships.

What does my company do? Who are my customers? How is my company unique? These questions will help you home in on your own unique selling proposition which will also be part of your internet marketing strategy.


It doesn't have to sound flashy. It doesn't even have to follow any grammar rules. This statement is just for you. When you're done, save this piece of paper and put it somewhere safe. This simple statement should tell you exactly what you have to offer your customers, and more importantly, exactly what your customers expect from you.

Service is the essential piece of your unique selling proposition and internet marketing strategy. So, if you're going to turn strangers into friends... And, more importantly, if you're going to turn those friends into customers... You're going to need to dedicate yourself to good business practices.


Always provide professional and courteous service and answer your phone with a professional greeting. Ensure you have a professional voice mail. You should respond promptly to customer inquiries and requests - Building trust and fulfilling your promise starts with the smallest pieces. Provide valuable information and updates which will build relationship with customers. Keep it personal but professional.


These are very important things for employing your amazon advertising strategy. The unique selling proposition is there to help keep you on track. Now if you change your market you may have to redefine the USP.


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Daniel Brian (calios)

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W W (williamwebecomr)

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