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Experience of OPOME neck traction device

OPOME neck traction device was easy for me to fit and has relieved the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm that has plagued me for weeks. I have had a lot of experience with neck braces as I am an x-ray tech and worked for an orthopedic surgeon for many years. And I also have been treated with traction and braces myself.

I have had a herniated disc at C5-C6 since a 1984 injury and have had periodic nerve pain as well as atrophy of some muscles in my shoulders and arms because of pressure on nerves. I have had several types of neck braces prescribed by orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons and neurologists over the years, some "custom-built" in the past but some were so uncomfortable or did not relieve my symptoms that I finally gave up on them.

I am so pleased with OPOME the way this fits and the ease of using it. For several weeks, since the December holidays, I was having constant pain in my left shoulder and arm which was eased after I applied this brace and was gone completely after a day and a half of wearing it intermittently for about an hour at a time. I felt more comfortable than I have for weeks , since the flare up OPOME. I removed it for sleep, donned it the next morning and wore it for the entire day and evening.

The following morning, after sleeping the entire night, I had no discomfort at all and left off wearing it. I have waited a few days to report on my experience and the pain has not returned and I have taken no pain meds.
Some people might find it difficult to assemble and fit but I recommend reading the instructions carefully and taking your time to fit it.

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Experience of OPOME neck traction device