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Greater Options for the Perfect Beer Brewing Options

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That's it, the day you go into amateur brewing has arrived! This little article aims to guide you on the material you need to have to brew your beer. First, you must know that depending on the budget you want to spend, you will find really different solutions.


At first, we will talk about the space needed to brew his beer. Then, we will present the material that the beginner brewer needs, in "chronological order" (following the recipe of brewing a beer). We offer you the material we use and will also present you alternatives. Good reading.


The space needed to brew his beer


We imagine immediately large pots or vats, cooking plates galore, stacked buckets, crates of empty bottles strewn the ground. But, before getting there, each brewer to start brewing in his kitchen this is largely enough, the necessary space is finally quite small. Any kitchen is big enough for a brew. You will also need the Brite tank for this task.


And if you are a student in the studio, know that beer brewing is possible. Certainly it will take a little organization. But we are sure you've already organized an evening for 10 people, it will not be worse. Then there are the homemade beer brite tank supplier options that you can also go for. A visit to happens to be essential now.


The equipment needed to brew his beer


For the material and especially the investment to devote to it, there are two schools:


For small investors


We are talking about brewers who cannot or do not want to invest a lot (I do not have a round and I'm not sure to brew several times), empty purses (oh my god).


The future student brewer


You must first know that the amount to invest can be small, if you have some kitchen equipment at your disposal. You will find the costs in the green boxes.

But also know that once you have tasted the brewing (or rather the beer brewed by your little hands), you will not be able to do without a word of mouth.


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For future regular brewers


We are talking about those who want to work a little more comfortably. We offer you a short list of equipment to brew your beer (we have a small amount of money to spend on my brewing equipment). The prices will be indicated in the blue boxes. The use of the homemade beer brite tank happens to be essential here.


To follow the recipe of a beer


In order to better follow the course of this article and / or to deepen a theme, we suggest you download our free book "How to brew your beer all grain". You will find the recipe, which will allow you to follow this article:


Equipment for weighing and crushing barley

Crushing with a malt mill

Malt weighing


First, to brew beer, you need a scale to weigh the right amount of malt.


Investment: 0 euros (we all have a balance in our kitchen!)


That said, if you need to acquire one, choose a model that weighs up to 5kg, it will avoid you going back and forth.


Kitchen scale

Investment: 15 euros

Crushing malt


As a first step, the barley malt you will need in your recipe has to go to the mill (You can read more about it by reading the Barley Item and the Malt Item).

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