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Say Hello to TuneSick – The New Kid on the Block

The music streaming industry has a new player, and from the way things are looking, this is one hell of a player.


All hail TuneSick – the latest music streaming platform solution for artists and listeners. Headquarted in the UK, the company provides a complete all in one platform for users to upload and sell their music online, and listeners to easily listen to any type of music they want. The website / app makes bold claims to revolutionize the music streaming industry and has officially launched primarily in the US and then gradually into the UK.


Having only just launched not long ago, the site already boasts a catalogue of over 5000 songs, with this number rapidly being added each and every minute. Yes, this may seem extremely small compared to the tens of millions of songs held by the likes of Spotify and others, but when you bear in mind that this is an extremely small tech start-up with a total staff head count in single figures and based in a small office no bigger than the size of an average family lounge, this is to be appreciated and is quite impressive.


So how exactly does the site work? I spoke with Lead Acquisition Director Tareq Rahman: ''Our business model is very simple. We provide artists with their own dedicated space for them to host and sell their music through us, in the form of music streams. We pay what I believe to be the highest rates of commission in the industry, as far as I am aware. There are no lengthy checks or procedures, artists can be up and running within a matter of clicks.’’


As for the listeners, they too enjoy a host of benefits. There is no ad interruption, users receive dedicated customer service and pricing ranges from as low as £7 per month.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this innovative startup unfolds over the coming year, I’m certainly keeping my eyes peeled.


For more info, Visit here

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