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Rapid Prototyping is one of the most amazing invention in the field of science and technology. It is a technique to fabricate a scale model of a physical part into a required model by quick assemblage using the technology of a three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data. Construction of a part of the assembly is done using a 3D printer, also called as additive layer manufacturing. This method is used in 3D production systems in the field of software engineering. It involves specialized manufacturing in order to produce physical models with high quality.


There are many organizations that provide rapid prototyping services like But choosing the best one depends on parameters like: Method of prototyping, specializing in prototyping, materials used in prototyping, customer focus and their professional team.


Rapid Prototyping Service supplier China-


 There are many rapid prototyping service suppliers in china. China has the largest population with a rapid increase in their technologies and their needs, they provide rapid prototyping as a service. Among all, there is an official website for rapid prototyping service supplier china. There are different websites and organizations in china that provide different types of prototyping services based on the needs. There are companies who are experts in major fields like: Stereo lithography, CNC machining, Vacuum casting and Plastic injection. In some situations you may not need such bulk technology but need Low volume manufacturing needs. For all of your rapid prototyping technological needs, this Rapid Prototyping website is the solution. It dedicates itself to provide the finest of products with rapid tooling and 3D metal printing services. This is one of the China Rapid Prototyping Service present. It provides the top rated services at competitive rates in China. It is known to be the best and most reliable.


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Its services and tools are:


  • CNC machining and prototyping- this method involves cutting a solid material into a view that we want to use computer numerical control machine. It translates the digital data into a machine component model.
  • Additive manufacturing 3D printing- it involves developing the model by adding the material of the model chosen layer by layer to finally form a model.
  • Rapid Tooling- it is the tools that are provided for the process of prototyping in order to make the process run faster. Example, to create quicker and accurate molds. It denotes manufacturing on a slim timeline.


Also, the above url is a company of additive manufacturing company which means it is an official industry standard term applicable to all technologies. It is defined as the process of joining different materials as required to finally obtain a 3D object. Metal company technologies use this concept. This method is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing, which is the process of cutting away a solid block until a final product is obtained. Additional manufacturing also called as AM technologies are divided into seven categories. They are: Photo Polymerization, Material Extrusion, and Material Jetting, Binder jetting, powder bed fusion, direct energy deposition and Sheet lamination.

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