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Flunky Junky to Be Trending on Spotify through His Quality Instrumental Music



Flunky Junky is a talented producer in the music industry. He makes beats for rap artists and a person to exercise as well as his music has been trending on Spotify.

As a newcomer in the industry, Flunky Junky gives his listeners a unique idea of music. He comes out with motivational music in his relatively early age. The guy indeed started his career when he was only 16 years old. Now, he has gained many fans in various realms and even his music has been trending on Spotify several times.


Flunky Junky indeed creates music for certain purposes including beats for rap artists and to accompany people who do exercises. Interestingly, his music can be listened to very well whether in the gym and sports center or at home. the tones he produces fit well with exercise movements. Therefore, people who listened to it will be more spirited and motivated in exercising or anything else they do.


Although it may not be too mainstream, Flunky Junky proves that his music is acceptable and even fascinated by many listeners. One of them is when his tracks are trending in a big platform like Spotify. He is even known as a very popular producer in terms of Playlist Curators or Music Curators. The guy indeed regularly adds his tracks on the Spotify playlist.


There are at least 8 albums of Flunky Junky that can be enjoyed on Spotify. They are Workout Riddims, Vol.14, Workout Riddims, Vol.57, Workout Riddims Vol. 6, Workout Riddims Vol. 64, En Dor Phin, Gym Rat, Bass Trappin’, and Going the Extra Mile. Besides, there are some popular singles that are put on the playlist multiple times by his fans. Those singles are entitled One More Set, Vacation EDM, Shrimp Vegetable Kabob, Skateboarding Bass, and many more.


Of course, Flunky Junky wants his music to be well-known and listened to by more realms of people. He will not stop working by continuously and regularly produce new music and add it to the platform. Wishfully, his works can always be one of the viral music all around the world. How to get on Spotify Playlist for his music is easy. The listeners can download the platform and search for his works by typing in the search bar available.


About Flunky Junky


Flunky Junky is a young artist and music producer with genres like the international mix, bass boosted, dubstep, trance, and more. His music has motivational purposes. He mainly creates beats for rap artists and instruments for exercises. His singles have been trending on Spotify multiple times. For more information please visit


For Media Inquiry
Hammond Green
Humpty Dumpty Production
8885 Drodugtery Ave NW
New York, NY

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