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The Best Urban Backpacks’ Shopping Guide


Urban backpacks are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. Whether it’s for commuting, doing sports or going for a business trip, having a backpack is always very convenient. Now that office workers live in fast-paced modern life, we need a daily backpack that meets all our need. Before we choose an urban backpack, we need to know that different backpacks fulfill different needs.


For commuters nowadays, the characteristics of a commuter backpack are as follows:

-Minimalism design:

The look of one’s back is the most noticeable feature of a backpack. You might not be noticing this but, based on the style of your backpack, others can easily determine what kind of person you are. For office workers, a minimalism backpack design is the perfect fit for office environment, sleek and neat.

-Internal laptop sleeve:

Almost every office worker now has a laptop, and their daily work is inseparable with it. Therefore, they need a backpack that have seperated laptop sleeve or features like that to store their laptops.

-For Business Travelers:

“Every time I go on a business trip, my backpack always has a lot of things, such as laptops, clothes, files, etc. My backpack is always stuffed. It makes the backpack very heavy-looking. I’ve always wanted to find a backpack with a lot of compartments that’s comfortable with good quality and a neat look. It is really difficult to find such backpack.”

-Reasonable spatial segmentation:

When we are on a business trip, we carry a lot more than just our own work supplies and daily necessities. We need a backpack to store each of our items, without being mixed with other things. A unique dividing system keeps everything you carry organized, protected, and accessible.

-High capacity:

No matter how many days you travel, in order not to cause any inconvenience, we always bring our own daily necessities. Stuff like clothes, shoes and toiletries will take up a lot of space. A large-capacity backpack allows us to find the right place to store everything.

-Suitable size:

Different people have different size requirements for fitness backpacks. Some people need to carry many professional fitness equipment, and some people simply prepare a pair of shoes. If you buy a backpack that’s too big, it will take up a lot of the space. If you buy a backpack that is too small, there will be many items that you can't carry. Therefore, choosing the right size to your needs can save you a lot of trouble. Visit here

Urban life smarter with ZyneGo

No matter what kind of backpack you’re looking for, we’ve got everything you need at ZyneGo pack. It is a stylish and simple appearance, 30L large capacity and built-in multiple functional partitions that can store your laptop, documents, notebooks and other office supplies. While retaining it as daily backpack, its main cabin can pack your everyday items to meet your fitness and business travel needs.


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