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Four gemstone types present in custom jewelry

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There are many people who may be interested in custom jewelry items or eager to gain knowledge on gems and jewels that they already possess. There is a genuine need to first know about the gemstone type that is available, with some being lab created and others natural. An introduction to all gems found in the world will be a great way to know more about them. For more detailed information about the stones, one should undertake some research on the web or contact a reputed jewelry store.

Natural occurring gemstones

These gemstones occur in nature and are created through geologic processes that take millions of years and are not lab created. There are found different types of natural gemstones in different geographical regions, climates and mined across the globe. Few natural gemstones are enhanced or treated with heat or perhaps some other method/technique to improve its characteristic features like the color.

Lab created gemstones

These are also referred to as lab grown, synthetic or manufactured gemstones. They almost have identical chemical, physical and optical properties with that of the natural gemstones. Lab created gemstones being man-made creations does not have inherent value or rarity of the naturally occurring gemstones. Hence, Customade Jewelry from the lab created gemstones are considered to be less expensive when compared to the natural equivalents. Those who are eager to know about gems and its origins present in their possession can consult the leading gemologist who can offer better idea and knowledge about the gemstones by conducting proper and accurate testing of the same.

Imitation gemstones

Imitation gemstones, similar to those lab created gemstones are man-made. they do resemble like that of natural gemstones, but only in appearance. Few of the commonly available imitation gemstones in the market include tinted glass, cubic zirconium and other material resembling like natural gemstones upon treatment. the professional gemologist can identify the imitation gemstones. One can find Customade Jewelry online of their choice and at an inexpensive rate.


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Treated or enhanced gemstones

The treated or enhanced gemstone is stated to be a stone which undergoes synthetic alteration for improving its color, durability or appearance. It is possible to treat or strengthen both lab created and naturally occurring gemstones. Most of the gemstones that are made available in the market these days are said to be treated in some manner or the other. Hence, depending upon the treatment quality, type and date it was performed, gemstone enhancements could be changed or lessened with time and also many may require special care. Gemstone enhancements like with any of the human interference is likely to affect its value. Therefore, enhancements if made should be disclosed clearly by the jewelry store to ensure that the customer can make educated purchase.


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