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Renowned NYC photographer Alena Soboleva launches new website

Celebrated NYC photographer Alena Soboleva has launched a new website. The website is up and running and customers are invited to enjoy the quality and affordable services. NYCphotographers offer products such as professional headshots, model tests, family shoots, and maternity photos among others.


Soboleva, the founder of NYC is a wife and mother of one. She works full-time as a fashion photographer, an activity she started upon discovery of the passion she had in photography. At the age of seventeen, photography was paying her rent and a number of other expenses. It is during this time that she decided that it would be her main thing for the rest of her life. At the age of 21, she mobilized funds, spending all her money and maxing out her credit cards to open her first photography studio in New York City. Alena says that she was very proud of that moment as she knew she was working for herself as a fashion photographer, her dream job. She started off with model test shoots and basic headshots. She has expanded the business to include other important fashion photo products.


Soboleva has been recognized on several occasions for her exemplary work and dedication in fashion photography. In 2013, she was featured on Chicago Magazine where she appeared on the cover page and her own story.


NYCphotographers uses a unique approach. Unlike others where you have to make phone calls to book an appointment, Alena arranges everything through her online platforms. Soboleva explained that many people indicated her approach would not work because, in photography, you have to speak with customers face to face before committing. But Alena proved them all wrong.


Her passion and dedication motivated her and she strongly believed that she could find clients online, especially those who were busy and had no time to browse and talk for hours about tiny details. She wanted all her clients to come from Google. It was not easy, but she adds that her husband was very instrumental and supportive. They spent their nights and evenings marketing their platforms and as Soboleva puts it, their hard work, passion, and love made everything possible. Now she has established her fashion photography and will continue offering her clients the best.


“We are here for you. Our goal is to make your experience the most seamless and efficient,” said Alena. Customers can purchase packages without having to go through the lengthy processes that characterize most other platforms offering similar services. “With just a click of the button, everything will be done.”


“The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a full refund if the customer does not love it,” added Alena while adding that very few businesses do that, pointing out the level of quality and commitment to offer the best. “We consider ourselves extremely customer-oriented. And we know we provide the best possible service,” said Alena.


NYCphotographers is committed to providing customers with that they need. According to the spokesperson, after every shoot, they review the photos with the customer and in case one is not happy with something in the photo they encourage the customer to point out and have it rectified as soon as possible. Alena spoke of a situation where the client realized that he did not like the photos because he thought he would look better with a clean shave. Alena explains that this has nothing to do with the company as professional photographers but when the client shaved and the process was repeated the client was happy with the new photos.” If anything happens during the shot and there is nothing we can do to resolve it we refund full,” said Alena while adding that the entire team feels that communication is vital in the whole process encouraging customers to give feedback about their experience with the photography company.


Soboleva runs other websites including, and a host of a podcast and social media pages.

About NYCphotographers

NYCphotographers is a team of professional photographers based in Manhattan, people who believe that the key to success revolves around simplicity and efficiency. For the number of years that they have been operational, they have demonstrated this through their exceptional photography services and products. With more than ten years of experience spanning all spheres of photography, they have been there for their customers every step of the way, guaranteeing their special moments are captured perfectly. They have formed long term relationships with their clients, providing enjoyable experiences in absolute seamless and stress-free terms.

Media Contacts

Address: 257 West 39th St, New York, NY 10018

Call: (718) 218-4921

Text: (718) 218-4921 - just click


Instagram: @nycphotographersstudio

Facebook: @nycphotographersstudio


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