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Two chamber clothes baler



If you have a requirement for the recycling of clothes then the double chamber or two chamber clothes baler is one of the best equipments available for that purpose. The two chamber clothes baler is essentially a machine that is manufactured with steel and it is carefully tailored for the processing of textile materials so that it can be effectively used in the business of clothes recycling. The two chamber clothes baler is the perfect option for you if you want to bale fabric, rags or clothes into dense, crossed and wrapped form of neat bales.


Doing your research


Before you decide to purchase a two chamber clothes baler for your fabric recycling requirements it is important to comprehensively do your research in terms of the different  used clothes baler suppliers and the products that they offer. The textiles baler manufactured by different manufacturers is likely to vary in quality and dimensions thus it is important for you to have the knowledge of various manufacturers and the quality of the products that they sell. Amongst the different two chamber clothes baler suppliers, the Shanxi Nick machinery equipment Co. Ltd. is one of the best manufacturers of these products. Nick machinery has a good experience of dealing with different equipments related to recycling and thus are one of the preferred options for customers when it comes to purchasing these equipments.


Profiling the two chamber clothes baler by Nick machinery




The used clothes baler is used as a compactor for the used clothes, cotton rags, textile waste and the used fiber. One of the reasons for the success of Nick machinery in the recycling business is the fact that it provides a lifting chamber of loading system which is unique and the automatic or manual control system to handle the whole operation. These features means that you require much less labor input and it makes the baler made by Nick machinery one of the preferred machines for used clothes recycling and compacting solutions. The compact design of the machines manufactured by the company means that it occupies lesser floor space in comparison to other balers.


As far as the features are concerned as the name suggests it is a structure that provides double chamber clothes baler for the purpose of loading as well as baling simultaneously which increases the efficiency of the operation. The machine comes with cross strapping feature that helps in making neater and tighter bales. The sheets or plastic bags can be used are used as wrapping material which protects the textile or cloth material from getting stained or damp. The bale height is made adjustable so you can achieve different bale weight and size. Apart from this the machine is electric controlled so as a consumer you can easily operate and move the plates up or down with the click of buttons. You can visit for more details and information.

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