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How to choose the best pennant manufacturer online



We all have our favorite teams in colleges, schools even at the national and international level too. Flags are an important part of a team. All teams have different flags. In all the sports, teams have different - different flags. A pennant flag looks attractive and fascinating. A pennant flag is the symmetrical triangle-shaped flag. The slant of the shape is unbiased.


Whenever we conduct events like cultural events or sports events, we always display the flags of the team or college flag. A flag represents the team symbol and color. If you are looking for a pennant flag for your team or college, then you are at the right place. Pennant flags are the perfect choice for designing the attractive pennant flag. They have a great collection. Flags are changed yearly during the events so the flags should be durable. Pennant flags provide durable flags which last for a longer time. The design of a pennant flag is most dependable and continuation design.


Pennant flags are mostly used during sports events. We have seen many team pennants, football pennants, award pennants, and soccer pennants. The pennants can also be a part of club banner, friendship gift and in the memento or souvenir flags. Pennant flags have a specialty in printing custom flags and banners for your team for the presentation or any purpose. The pennants can also be designed to be a part of the award, or for the sports team, and for a professional club. Pennant flags online is popular as best football pennant manufacturer. The quality of the pennants is high which you can use for cup games, exchanging with the opponent team during match and finally for putting it with the award. The display of pennant with award looks good.






You can choose the type of pennant flag you want; you can customize anything according to your choice. You can choose whether you want a hanging cord present at top of the flag, a wooden or plastic rod at the holding side of the flag. You have full authority to design the pennant according to your choices and ideas. We will also help you with our ideas or styles. The pennant flags are printed in 5 different sizes. The first size is 10cm * 15cm (mini), 14cm * 21cm (small), 20cm * 30cm (medium), 30cm * 45cm (large) and the last size x-large 40cm * 60cm. The shape of the flag is also the customer’s choice. You can send your design, shapes and all other specifications needed in the flag.


We aim to match with the expectation you have with the flag. The flags and banners are crafted using 3 fabric layers to keep it flat and straight. The flag is printed either single side or double side according to your preference. We have specialized in heat transfer printing, which is an advanced technique to make complex colors. The color of the flag will not be faded and makes the flag look more vibrant and outstanding. You can print football pennants or soccer pennants using this technique for an attractive team flag. For more information, visit 

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