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Things to know more about high viscosity flow meters


A majority of industries these days use a flow meter to measure the volume or mass of fluids with high accuracy. Nowadays, different types of flow meters are available in the markets allowing industries to determine the amount of a gas and other things including steam. On the other hand, manufacturing plants that utilize high viscosity liquids should install a special type of flow meter to ensure optimal results. Another thing is that it will help a lot to increase the productivity levels effectively to gain more advantages.


What is a high viscosity flow meter?


The products high viscosity flow meters are an ideal one for measuring fluids such as molasses, honey, oil, resin, and glucose which are very thick. However, not all flow meters can measure high viscosity fluids. High viscosity fluids are really hard to pour and they need more power to pump them. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right one after making a complete study. A high viscosity flow meter utilizes different designs while measuring a variety of thick liquids. In addition, it has two patented impellers that give ways to measure the volume of a liquid accurately when it flows through a flow meter.


Types of flow meters meant for measuring high viscosity fluids


Coriolis flow meters and oval gear flow meters are some types meant for measuring high viscosity fluids in industries. Both of them provide methods for detecting low flow rate with the most advanced technologies. An oval gear flow meter can work without power allowing industries to display total flow accurately. Apart from that, it is simple one to install in restricted areas for achieving the best results. A Coriolis flow meter is an excellent choice for many successful applications enabling them to experience the desired outcomes.




Things to consider while buying a high viscosity flow meter


It is necessary to understand the process in detail before buying a high viscosity flow meters from the markets. Some other factors to consider include certification of a company, accuracy, range, meter location, installation, data recording, etc. Industries should seek support from technical teams to know more about the products in detail. Moreover, it gives methods to focus more on the objectives while performing important activities. Flow disturbance and pipe selection are other things to keep in mind while installing a flow meter.


Where to buy the best viscosity flow meters?


Manufacturing industries that are in need of High Viscosity flow meters can approach the company for meeting essential requirements. They can even search for more details online for making a better decision when buying them. Silver Automation Instruments in China offer high-quality flow meters at the best prices allowing industries to select them accordingly. For knowing more about the products in detail, industries can even visit  for getting ideas about products in detail. The company gives ways to find all types of flow meters in one place that can save more time to a large extent. Another thing is that it enables industries to improve their standards effectively.

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