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A commercial Brewery systems equipment manufacturer



If you have a business of breweries then there is a likelihood that you would need top quality brewing systems equipment to produce good quality of brews for sale. Before you decide to purchase brewing systems for your commercial microbrewery  it is important for you to do thorough research on the different brewing systems equipments in the market, compare their features, characteristics and specifications, their manufacturers, pricing and then eventually make an informed decision based on your requirements as well as budget. There are various manufacturers in the market who manufacture good quality brewing systems across different countries. DEGONG is one of the best brewing systems equipment manufacturer based in China.


DEGONG Brewery systems equipment manufacturer


DEGONG is one of the largest manufacturers of brewery equipments with an experience of almost an decade in this industry. Some of the products that are manufactured by DEGONG includes beer fermentation equipment, beer equipment, beer keg filling equipment, beer bottling equipment, wine production machine, beer filter equipment, pasteurizing equipment, wine-fermentation tank, wine production machine, steam boiler amongst other machines. If you are a client looking for any of these equipments then the company offers all round support and assistance from consultation to designing, production to implementation of the project.


DEGONG is one of the renowned names across the world owing to its high quality product manufacturing and impeccable services to the customers. The company is particularly known for its wine and beer equipment manufacturing. DEGONG not only manufacture beer bottling systems as well as 5 bbl brewing system but they are also credited with considerable investment into the research of these different machines and equipments. The company has now established a successful overseas market owing to its body of work. The testimony to the success of the company is evident from the fact that they have established a network of sales and services with 10 fundamental agents, spanning 100 distributors as well as project contractors. The company also has the distinction of successfully completing thousands of client projects over the years.  As a result the company has been awarded various certifications of excellence and multiple awards. The glowing tributes and reviews as well as feedback from the clients who have worked with the company only strengthens this viewpoint.




Some of the popular products or brewery equipments that are manufactured by the company includes 10 BBL commercial used stainless steel insulated brewery, 2000L professional commercial stainless steel beer mashing, 7 BBL 2 Vessel stainless steel brew-house with steam heating, 2000L industrial and automated steam heated steel bar amongst others. These products manufactured by the company fall under brewhouse system category. Besides this the company also fermentation tank products and under this category there are three products : 15 HL customizable stainless steel dimple jacket conical, 1000L stainless steel beer fermentation tank brewery and 5BBL commercial stainless steel dimple jacket beer fermentation.


Apart from these products the company provides valuable and professional services to the customers so that the client can be fully satisfied when dealing with the company. Some of the common yet popular services provided by DEGONG includes beer machine maintenance, brewery tank shipping, brewery equipment installation, brewery equipment design, brewery equipment starting and brewery equipment production amongst other services. These are all highly value added services that are carried out professionally by the respective equipped staff of the company to ensure full value for money for the clients. You can get in touch with the company to avail any of these services if you are a potential client with them. Check out the website for more information and details about the different products and services.

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