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Gravity Tap; a product that makes beverage dispensing easy and fun, set to launch

With beverages being an important component during festivities, there is no better time to discover that they can be dispensed, shared easily and in a fun way during any occasion. Gravity Tap, a product invented and developed by Riley Sullivan is set for launch. While making the announcement, Riley said that the prototype has already been developed and is patent pending. He added that the product is also set for Launch at Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform on 13 January, 2020.


“We are looking to be backed on Indiegogo and to bring Gravity Tap to market,” said Riley adding that he has been working with industrial designers and now he has manufactured a full product prototype.


Gravity Tap is meant to make beverage dispensing easy and fun while having a sleek, beautiful design. With growlers being used for many types of beverages, dispensing can be difficult. Riley says that Gravity Tap is here to solve this challenge. “Gravity Tap is a superb tool to help you enjoy your favorite drinks; you can have any of your beverages on tap, pour it easily and in a fun way using the Gravity Tap,” said Riley. 


Gravity Tap is simply screwed to the growler set in the stand and is ready to dispense the beverage. It can be used for multiple beverages and as Riley explains, it works well for many different occasions. “Whether you are taking still water or carbonated drinks, Gravity Tap is an ideal tool, it will handle it well. If you are hosting friends and family, you can share your most loved beer or kombucha on tap.” said Riley.


While outlining the types of events that Gravity taps can come in handy, Riley said that if having a party in the backyard, Gravity Tap can provide choices for everyone to drink. “For a kid’s birthday party, you can share your famous homemade lemonade or some cold brew at a BBQ on a hot summer day.” It’s a dispensing tool that can be used on a variety of drinks, making the event fun.


While outlining its features Riley said it is beautifully designed for any occasion, fits most glass growlers and can be easily screwed onto growlers. Its one-way valve keeps beverages fresh with a smooth pour and can be easily stored in the fridge with no requirement for Co2 cartridges or pumps. “Gravity Tap can fit in most fridges, so you can just walk up and enjoy your drink cold.”


Gravity Tap has already locked down a manufacturer and they are ready to roll. They are appealing for support so that they can take this product to the market. Funds that will be raised will assist in full development of the prototype, bringing people together and production for the mass market.

About us

Gravity Taps was started as business, to promote and sell gravity taps, a product that the owner and inventor, Riley Sullivan, has worked on for the past three years. Riley worked on the idea, convinced that it will be a great product that people would want and love. He taught himself 3D CAD modeling and created a prototype. He is now working with industrial designers to have the product manufactured.




Riley Sullivan

Owner and Inventor


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