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February, 2020 -- Crowdfunding platforms have been increasingly successful online for over 20 plus years. While traditional crowdfunding platforms have been extremely rewarding, the challenge has consistently been to attract “the crowd” to fund a campaign.


A new crowdfunding platform is revolutionizing the industry by providing a non-traditional approach to donation-based crowdfunding. Established in 2019, TPO3 aims to empower individuals from all over the world, through the power of giving, for the purpose of making a difference in the personal lives of productive citizens.


"I created this crowdfunding platform because of the lack of support one receives when seeking to raise funds alternatively," the company CEO stated.


TPO3, an acronym which means The Power of Three, dedicates its donation-based crowdfunding platform to the personal lives of Educators, First Responders and Citizens globally, with guaranteed funding support. Its system of fundraising, requiring a one-time Designated DonationTM, is atypical with what other donation-based crowdfunding platforms are doing.


"We're committed to providing the guaranteed backing needed to successfully fund campaigns," Mr. Timmons also added.


Making its first appearance to the world as a for-profit, Donation-Based Crowdfunding Platform, TPO3 introduces a newly developed model called “Crowdfunding OrganizedTM,” created to ensure every registered donor receives guaranteed backing for any good or worthy cause, purpose or idea.


The uniqueness of TPO3’s crowdfunding model implements three key elements to make sure every donor gets the funding they need. First is its platform, designed to assist registered donors in getting funding support in an organized and proprietary manner. Its platform, through automation, will accept and distribute donations algorithmically to good and worthy causes determined by its Corporate Office, while essentially keeping an eye on all activities within the crowdfunding platform.


The second element is made up of TPO3’s registered donors. These are the individuals who are both looking to raise funds and are willing to donate to the cause of others while also being contributed to. Its Registered Donors are made up of Educators, First Responders and the Community.


Third is its proprietary portal. With its built-in Automated AlgorithmTM, it is designed to allocate donations in a uniquely organized manner until each and every goal is reached.

"TPO3 is revolutionizing the industry with its new concept, “Crowdfunding OrganizedTM," Mr. Timmons also said.


By understanding the science behind the concept of donation-based crowdfunding, TPO3 was able to develop a method that encourages participants to take a purely practical approach to starting and concluding successful campaigns by introducing the “Crowdfunding OrganizedTM” concept to the market.


Traditional crowdfunding is not as easy as most would believe. Why, because, a campaigner raising funds must first consider which platform fits his or her objective. Other factors include taking into consideration fees that are charged, requirements to be shared, deadlines to be met, the burden of returns on investments, all or nothing concepts and most importantly finding the crowd who believes in and is willing to invest or give to a campaign.


With all these challenges faced within the industry, TPO3 has set a precedence in establishing itself as a one-of-kind platform, offering across the globe, guaranteed backing, regardless of the objective. Getting funded has never been more welcoming; with the assurance that you will be able to receive the support you are seeking for your campaign(s).



Ronnie Timmons

Founder and CEO


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