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Novelty Gift Store Alskar Launches New Website

A private design house that offers extraordinary high-quality personalized gifts, Alskar has launched a new website. When making the announcement the company representative said that this is aimed at serving their customers better. “The new website will help our customers get a shopping experience that not only satisfies their needs but also provides unique gifts that will leave a mark in their loved ones,” said Debbie Teh, Alskar CEO & Founder.


The new website, which aims at improving the online shopper’s experience, is user friendly and easy to navigate with relatively few pages with well arranged contents and attractive photos of handmade gifts among other customized items. It has a home page where the visitors can get a preview of what to expect from the online store, a Shop section where different products are showcased, a Reviews section, Order Tracking and My Account.


In the Shop section, visitors are treated to a variety of gifts with short and easy to read descriptions, as well as prices for different items. According to the company representative, the description provided allows the customer to understand the product while the prices assist in comparing different products. The personalized products are, according to the company CEO, uncommon gifts that are meant to leave a mark.


The Reviews section as explained by the company spokesperson gives the customers a chance to tell the online store how they feel about the products and services offered. Here the customers rate their experience, ranging from excellent for those who are happy and terrible for those who find the products and services wanting. The company representative says that customer reviews are an important part of their business as it allows the customer to voice their experience, adding that they are always willing to listen to their customers ensuring that they get the kind of gifts and products they are looking for. The order tracking section and My Accounts section allows the customer to track their orders up to the time it is delivered to their intended destination.


Founded in 2013, the company has built a reputation of being able to bring together the best ideas, materials, manufacturing technology, and trends from around the world.

Alskar offers a unique, personal experience that helps you create the perfect memories for your specific occasion,” said the company representative while promising to take their customers on a journey that will create a perfect personal piece of customizable gifts.


For the last seven years Alskar has been offering what it describes as extra ordinary gifts, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality personalized gifts, an extensive selection of artfully curated gifts for all the special people.


"Our focus is on every aspect of personalization, and our top priority is the personalized relationship with our customers," said the company representative. Their special and customized gifts range from gold name necklaces, vintage leather products, personalized rustic leather wedding guest books, bracelets, and phone cases among other gifts.


Debbie Teh says that Alskar believes that every gift for a friend is a wish for their happiness and that is why they want to make it easy for their customers to get a personalized gift that delivers the message perfectly.


“Everything is possible if we believe in ourselves and keep trying. Be passionate – live life to its fullest and make your dreams come true,” added the company representative, while urging their customers to take advantage of the new website to improve their shopping experience with Alskar.


About Alskar


Alskar is a private design house dedicated to creating bespoke personalized service to their customers. The private design house creates extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality gifts that resonate with their customer needs. They aim at helping their customers find the perfect gift for their loved ones.


Media Contact

Debbie Teh

 CEO & Founder, Alskar

+65 88936818

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