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Meet the Youngest Internet Marketer of India - Pratham Waghmare

A twenty year old marketer, Pratham Waghmare has made a name in a field that is mostly dominated by people in their 30s and 40s. He has achieved what most people of his age can only dream: he is the youngest internet marketer in India, following the great success that he had recorded in the field in the last four years. Pratham Waghmare is the founder and owner of RedFire Digital Media, a company that assists businesses in the US get more customers using sales funnels and Facebook ads. The company mainly assists doctors, chiropractors and physicians carry out marketing activities.


Through his company, he has assisted more than two hundred and fifty businesses with internet marketing. Most of these businesses have managed to improve their sales by a significant margin, something which they have attributed to assistance accorded by Pratham Waghmare. While acknowledging the role that Pratham and his company has played, one doctor said he recorded low revenue at first, but with adoption of marketing tools such as Facebook ads, many people are aware of his business and he has seen a remarkable improvement in his revenue.


The company whose vision is to assist as many businesses get customers from various platforms uses the power of social media and internet to sustain revenue growth.

Asked how he has managed to achieve greater heights and emerge at the top, Pratham said he strongly believes in what he does. “It doesn't matter what is true, only what you believe is true, because with work it will become true, said Pratham, while encouraging businesses to rely on the power of social media to turn the tables.


“Local businesses NEED to hop onto social media to grow; otherwise they will just be left behind the businesses who actually hopped onto it, “said Pratham, adding that one of the reasons why people fail is listening to those who may not have the capacity to offer useful advice. He cautioned people against listening to those around them, especially those bent on discouraging or feeding negative vibe.


Pratham, who has been building Facebook ads for local businesses for a number of practitioners, has also built multiple funnels which have yielded these businesses higher revenue. His company is now listed as the top business in India for building sales funnels, something he attributes to sheer determination and passion to help others realize their goals. He promised to continue offering his vital service further reaching more doctors, physicians and chiropractors, relieving them of the burden of looking for the much-needed clients.


About Pratham Waghmare


Pratham Waghmare runs a company called RedFire Digital Media, a business that helps doctors, chiropractors and physicians market their services. Targeting businesses in United States, RedFire Digital Media was started in 2016 and over the years it has grown from zero revenue to now making more than $150,000 a year. The company has helped more than two hundred and fifty businesses over a period of four years to carry out internet marketing.


Media Contact

Pratham Waghmare

CEO - RedFire Digital Media

Instagram - @redfire_pratham

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