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Fridaycharm authentic herbal oudh tea is now available in USA market

Fridaycharm authentic herbal oudh tea is now available in the United States of America. While making the announcement, the founder of Friday Charm said that the product is available online at


Friday Charm is known for its production of well formulated and highly researched agarwood tea. With availability of the Fridaycharm authentic herbal oudh tea, Friday Charm marketing director believes that people who have been looking for a product that will yield high benefits in terms of detoxifying the body will get an opportunity to acquire an effective and safe product.


With research showing that people are consuming high rate of harmful toxins through the chemicals that are applied in the skin and the polluted air, the world has been described as sick.  There is a growing consciousness where people are looking to change the situation. According to the Friday Charm representative, some of the solutions that have been applied have only aggravated the problem. He calls on people to use products that will not harm themselves as well as the environment. One of the solutions that he recommends for its effectiveness and safety is a supplement such as agarwood, as it has been used in medicine for more than thousand years with extensive use in Asia and the Middle East where its oud oil and chips have a history of producing vital health benefits to the users. In traditional Chinese medicine, Agarwood has for a long time played an active role in relieving pain and spasms, as well as treating a number of conditions such as digestive disorders. It has also been praised for its ability to regulate vital organs in the body such as lungs, liver, heart among others.


What has been noted about the herb to enable provision of such effective remedies is the fact that it has a combination of chemicals which make it highly analgesic, antioxidant and antipyretic in nature. When consumed as oud tea, it has the capacity to improve the internal balance helping in ridding the body of toxins and reducing pain as well as stabilizing blood sugar. Research conducted on agarwood shows that when consumed as tea it has the capacity to reduce glucose levels, improvement of bowel movement and slowing the ageing process. Its regular use has also been noted as effective prevention of heart disease, cataracts and even cancer as well as boosting the immune system. Visit Link:


“With availability of this product in United States, our customers can be assured of a remedy that will not just enhance their health but also improve the quality of their lives,” said Friday Charm spokesperson while urging the customers to visit and and get their authentic herbal oudh tea.


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