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Analysis Of 2 Million Upwork Profiles Reveals Highest-Paying Freelance Skills

February, 2020 -- The most lucrative freelance skills are related to programming and marketing, according to a new study by


The study analyzed more than 2 million freelancer profiles on Upwork to better understand which skills are paying the best right now. Freelancers earning at least $1000 per month were sorted according to category and skill set.


The results show that 20.9% of the top-earning freelancers describe themselves as developers, while 7.7% offer marketing-related services.


The study also illustrates that developers with a wide range of skills, also known as "full stack" developers in the industry, are more likely to earn at least $60 per hour compared to freelancers who specialize.


When it comes to writing jobs, the study showed that copywriters are ten times more likely than bloggers to earn at least $1000 per month. The second-most lucrative writing niche is editing followed by content writing and marketing writer.


With more than 2 million active freelancers, Upwork is considered the biggest and most diverse freelance marketplace in the world. All data were manually collected by searching Upwork freelancer profiles and using the site’s search filters.


"There are some limitations to this approach," says Niall Doherty, founder and lead editor of eBiz Facts. "But the data still provide some useful insights, especially for those looking to learn a freelance skill with the highest income potential."


Surprisingly, the study also shows that for every 800 freelancers on Upwork, only one (or 0.125%) earns more than $1,000 per month.


Meanwhile, skills which appear to be the least lucrative on Upwork include transcription, life coach, and admin support. Freelancers who refer to themselves as experts seem to earn more than self-proclaimed professionals, gurus, ninjas, or wizards.




At eBiz Facts we research and review tools, platforms and resources for earning a living online. Our goal is to help our readers make smarter choices about how to spend their time and money while building an online business.



Niall Doherty

Founder and lead editor of eBiz Facts

+1 323 300 6233

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