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Dapper has been recognized as a platform where upcoming fashion designers can learn from established

An online application that is providing a platform for all the fashion and style designers as well as enthusiasts to find each other, create designs and connect, has been recognized as a game changer in the industry. Young and upcoming fashion designers are seeing it as a place where they can learn from the established houses.


“ Dapper is a platform where past, current and future are connected in a timeless ebb and flow. It is the only way a stylist and any fashion enthusiast can keep up with the tides,” said the company representative while acknowledging the response they are receiving from the fashion industry.


Apart from giving them a chance to showcase their fashion and style designs, Dapper is a chance to connect with the established players in the field, according to upcoming designers and stylists. Dubbed the “place of dreamers”, Dapper is a platform that allows anyone with an eye for fashion and style to share their work.


With its slogan of “Find, Create and Connect”, upcoming stylists are given a platform where they can showcase their work . The platform has a feature that allows creation or joining of clubs for individuals with similar passions. In these communities, upcoming and established fashion stylists and designs can interact and share insights.


For the established fashion houses, it creates an opportunity to mentor upcoming stylists, giving them insights that can help make strides in the industry. While outlining how this can be achieved Dapper representative said that the platform allows meeting of the current, past and future in the fashion sector, where each part has something to offer. For the new, they have a chance to learn the ropes from the current and past fashion stylists, where they can ask questions. “The new has something to offer too, some of them are disrupting the tradition and forging new icons, the established houses can learn one or two things perhaps which they have ignored but is likely to change the industry completely, “said the company spokesperson while adding that the current and the past have an obligation to mould the future stylists, offering them support in order to keep the industry vibrant.


About Dapper

Dapper is an online fashion platform offering fashion and style designers features that allow showcasing of their works, creation of their own look and connection through communities and groups with similar passion.


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