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Things to consider when choosing the camera of the vision inspection system



Cameras are a very important part of a vision inspection system. In the automated inspection of objects, cameras are used to capture the image of the object that is being examined. The cameras have sensors that image the light that is focussed by the lenses.

Here is how to choose the camera:

First of all, it must be as per the application for which the vision inspection machine is being used. That is production control and robot guidance will need different types of cameras. You cannot use the same camera for both the applications.


The inspection spectrum also has to be taken into consideration. The types of sensors that are needed also have to be taken into account. There are different types of sensors like CCD, CMOS, microbolometer etc. In the case of CCD visual inspection machinesCCD sensors are used.


The choice of communication interface will also matter. Some examples of communication interfaces are USB 2.0, USB 3.0, GigE, Camera Link, PoE etc.


These are some of the important features of the cameras in a visual inspection system. You have to choose the features depending on the application.

The objective of your inspection is crucial:

The intended use will determine the choice of the machine vision camera. You have to give complete clarity to the CCD visual inspection System supplier about your aim of inspection. The type of radiation that will help in the desired inspection also needs to be specified.


Different cameras will have different observation spectrum. Infrared will allow thermal vision, X-rays are used in medical imaging, multi-spectrum cameras will include different types of spectra and will have wide inspection spectra. The industrial environment also has to be considered.

Details about the different types of sensors:

There are 4 types of image sensors. These are CCD, CMOS, Focal Plane Array or FPA and microbolometer. The choice of the sensor will depend on certain aspects. These are inspection spectrum, quality requirement and the budget.

  • Important details about CCD sensors:

Charged Coupled Device or CCD sensors are used in cameras that going to be used to capture still and moving images. This sensor will capture the light. This will be converted into data which will be captured by the camera. These sensors have good quality and are available at competitive rates. These are sensitive to only visible elements. These are glare sensitive. The CCD visual inspection machines will have this type of cameras.

  • Important details about CMOS sensors:

CMOS or complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor sensor has infrared sensitivity and superior quality; However, they have a very high price. These sensors are energy efficient and they are sensitive to glares.

  • Important details of Microbolometer sensor:

These are energy-efficient and light in weight. They have infrared sensitivity. These sensors are expensive.

  • Important details of the FPA sensors: 

These have very good image quality and they have very good sensitivity. But they are very expensive and have a large sensor size. 

Factors that affect the performance of the camera:




The sensor of the camera will have a profound effect on the performance of the camera. In digital cameras, the ISO sensitivity will play an important role. This is the ability of the camera to capture light.


The resolution of the camera plays an important role in the quality of the image. The resolution is measured in pixels. Cameras with a higher resolution will naturally capture better and sharper images.


The thermal noise from the sensors is also something that needs to be considered. The camera sensors that have weak sensitivity will have low thermal noise. If the camera has to produce images in low light conditions then the sensors need to have higher sensitivity. But if the sensors have higher sensitivity then there will risk of thermal noise.


The focal length, optical quality, aperture etc also need to be taken into consideration.


These days you will find that the cameras that are based on CCD technology are very good. They have good efficiency and performance. Cameras with more pixels, better resolution and higher sensitivity are preferred.


When you decide to buy a visual inspection machine that has cameras with CCD sensors then take all the above factors about the camera into consideration.

Choose only a reliable supplier:

Choose a CCD visual inspection System supplier who will provide a machine that is according to your requirements and budget. If you are looking out for a reputed and reliable custom made machine supplier then you must check the link  This is one of the best suppliers that have a range of visual inspection machines. They also provide bespoke solutions.


Before you speak to the supplier it is important that you have clarity about the application for which the machine is going to be used. Once you provide the details the manufacturer and supplier of vision inspection machines will provide you with the best solution.

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