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Thrive changing the way we buy and prepare food through its Thrive freeze dried foods

Individuals who have busy schedules or want to use ingredients even when they are out of season, can now depend on to actualize their dreams and plans., an independent contractor who sells Thrive Life Foods is now bringing freeze dried food to your doorstep. Packaged by Thrive Life, the food has an amazing shelf life of between five and twenty five years. “With Thrive Freeze dried foods you will store your food in the kitchen or pantry for a long period of time without having to worry of it getting spoiled. It is a great way to save money, especially when there is a shortage of some foods,” said the company representative.


“What we are providing are the same foods that you would buy at the market: vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy, meat and others with the only difference being that you do not have to run into the store anytime you run out of a given food or ingredient, you will have it in your pantry, saving on time and energy while giving you convenience,” said the company representative, while adding that Thrive Freeze foods are prepared using flash freezing technology where ninety nine percent of the nutrients, texture and colors are retained.


Thrive Freeze foods are perfect for long term storage and also when there is a food supply disruption.


Those who have used Thrive freeze foods in their reviews say that food does not spoil in a few days and even weeks adding that you do not do any thawing, degreasing or even cutting raw meat. “It is tasty and easy to prepare, perfect for the days when you do not feel like cooking or are tired and want to have your food ready within minutes,” said a Thrive Freeze customer.


Another customer says he likes to buy Thrive for its high quality, great taste and value as well as easy preparation. “I urge you to try this food, it is not only delicious but also very healthy, all the nutrients are intact “said the customer while adding that Thrive Freeze dried foods will change the way people buy and prepare their food.


Thrive Freeze is not just providing food that has long shelf life to its customer. It is also giving great business opportunities to others who would like to become consultants. The company representative said that these consultants can help others lead a healthy lifestyle without compromise of taste and quality of their food.


About Thrive Freeze


Thrive Freeze is an independent contractor providing food that has long shelf life packaged by Thrive Life.


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