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AIIR FireFly - The new number one choice for home gymnasts has now gone global

Gymnasts looking for an affordable and quality airtrack that will help them evolve their tumbling skills now have one at their disposal.  The air track seller AIIR, located in Norway, has two sales channels, one at home and the other one for global shipping. While making the announcement, AIIR owner, J Thomassen said they are shipping the company’s products to Scandinavia countries, Europe and other parts of the world.


The company, whose slogan is “let's fly a little higher”, sells air floor equipment that is better than the competition specifically in terms of size and price. The new AIIR-FireFly airtrack, comes with a width of 150 cm, a thickness of 20 cm, and a height ranging between 3, 5 and 7 meters


Customers who have bought the product from AIIR attest to the fact that the company meets high quality standards in terms of the product they provide as well as the customer services.


How AIIR was started


Looking for an air track for his daughter who had started enjoying gymnastics, J. Thomassen had a hard time getting what he needed. According to him, most of the air tracks in the market were extremely expensive and did not meet the quality levels he was looking for. Through his intensive internet investigation, he learned about double wall fabric, a material used to build air tracks. Right away, he read and watched YouTube videos to learn how to make an air track for his daughter. He bought the required materials and tools and turned his garage into a workshop. Although what he made on the first time was not perfect, his daughter was elated. In the process of researching and manufacturing of the airtracks, he was inspired and started to think of how he could start making them himself and help other gymnasts reach their full potential. A dream that started as a small garage activity in Norway turned into AIIR, an enterprise that is dedicated to providing gymnast enthusiasts with a tool that will enhance their potential. Closely cooperating with leading manufacturers, AIIR has provided a wide range of AIIR products to customers in Scandinavia, Europe and other parts of the world.


Now in the global market, Thomassen says that they will continue to offer their customers affordable and quality airtracks, aiming at meeting their original objective of providing gymnast enthusiasts with a tool that will allow them to evolve their tumbling skills, making the activity more enjoyable. He appealed to all who are interested in getting a product that will make them better gymnasts to try AIIR products.


About AIIR


AIIR is a Norwegian company providing high quality and affordable air tracks both at Norway and in the Global market.


Media Contact


Jostein Thomassen
AIIR Owner (Norway)

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