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The Pest Control Internet Marketing Podcast

Atlanta, February, 2020 – Running a successful pest control business by word of mouth alone is quite difficult.  Unfortunately, it's not easy keeping up with marketing techniques and trends either. This is where Andy Patel of K3 Marketing has found a balance of the two in a new podcast, Pest Control Internet Marketing (PCIM) Podcast. There are currently three podcasts with a variety of information from specific Pest Control industry discussions to the basics of internet marketing.  


The PCIM Podcast, as noted by an anonymous listener, “It's quality, not quantity.” Each podcast provides specific information about marketing based on pest control services, such as when discussing search terms, you’ll hear things you’re already familiar with, and it will make things clearer than a generic internet marketing presentation. Each podcast is under 30 minutes and will only be longer when absolutely necessary. The first three podcasts include:


  1. Introduction & Conversation with Peachtree Pest Control. The first episode covers a discussion with Corey Arnold, owner of Peachtree Pest Control, about the intricacies of a pest control business. Of note, when it comes to marketing, it is important to understand that internet marketing is an ongoing process. Today’s hot and cutting-edge marketing can change quickly, sometimes even overnight. In the podcast you’ll hear Corey and Andy discuss some ideas that work, and how quickly things change, such as SEO (search engine optimization). In less than 20 minutes you’ll get some insight into pest control marketing and the importance of internet marketing through the eyes of a current successful business-owner.
  2. What is Google Ads & How Does it Work? The second episode covers the basics of Google Ads in under 14 minutes. You’ll learn how your website, ads, and marketing can provide pest control leads through pay-per-keyword and Google Ads. Andy Patel delivers the information in an upfront manner and in terms any business owner will appreciate.
  3. Keyword Match Types. Drawing from experience and a larger understanding of how keyword match types work, Andy starts with the difference between ‘keyword’ versus ‘search term’ to set the stage. Then, the four main types of keyword matches are discussed in detail. The broad match, which translates to a general term search with no parameters. Then there is the Broad match modifier, where it uses “+” in front of keywords that must be included in the results. A phrase match, which searches for a phrase entered with quotation marks, such as “Ant control” and can turn up anything with that phrase before or after other terms. Lastly there is an exact match, which uses brackets and the result will only turn up the specific keywords. All that, and more in about 12 minutes.


So what’s next? When you’re ready to learn more check out the PCIM Podcast. Check out the website at or search for “PCIM Podcast” on your favorite podcast platform such as Google, Apple, or YouTube.


About Andy Patel


He offers digital marketing, creative solutions, and connects clients with his technical know-how. Since starting K3 Marketing in May of 2005, his team has grown in leaps and bounds, crushing client goals one campaign at a time. If you’d like to take a new approach towards search engine marketing for your Pest Control company and finally get more return on your ad spend, get in touch with Andy.



Andy Patel
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