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Embarcks Travel Email Subscription

March, 2020 -- Embarcks Travel recently launched its new Travel Premium Email Service through


As a travel deal email subscription company, Embarcks Travel finds all the necessary information and the hottest deals for your next holiday trip. From cheap flights to wonderful hotel deals, awesome travel spots, and so much more. Embarcks Travel helps every traveler get to their destination the cheapest way possible. By using their email subscription services, you can get over 50% savings on your entire travel experience. They guide users to become the world travelers they have always dreamt about by providing all the travel information they need and saving literally thousands all for $3.99 per month.


Embarcks travel email subscription services offer travelers the chance to find great deals on cheap flights, ideal places to stay, discount car rentals, things to do at their chosen destination, and travel tips for the world’s top destinations. And while there are several types of platforms that provide similar services, Embarcks email subscription is unique within its own rights because it helps travelers save up to 80% on flights, not to mention hundreds of dollars on all other travel aspects such as finding a place to stay, how to get around without spending top dollars, and the best things to do to save travelers money and time.


"I've spent hours on end researching deals for my personal travels to over 30+ countries over the years. LAX to China for $220 roundtrip, SLC to Barcelona $350 roundtrip, Boston to Iceland $180 roundtrip, and even LAX to Fiji for $760 roundtrip are to name a few flight deals I've found and booked,” founder and lead flight research expert, Trevor Akimoto, said.


“After 10 years of experience researching travel deals, I believe I've found a way to share that knowledge with others and save them hundreds on each trip they take while only spending $5 for it," he added.


The Embarcks Premium Subscription comes with 2 - 5 complete travel deal emails per week for the cost of only $3.99 per month or $37.99 for an annual subscription. They have a team of travel experts monitoring deals every day throughout the United States. No other company is doing it quite like Embarcks because the company found a way to centralize all the traveler’s data in a single email all while saving members hundreds of dollars on every trip they take.


Each email comes with more than $500 worth of discount deals for every travel experience. Embarcks not only saves the traveler hundreds of dollars on each trip but provides them with ideas and inspiration on every aspect of their travel. Embarcks paves a way for anyone to travel to the places they've always dreamt of going.


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