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CDL 1000 - Intermodal Transport and the Trucking Industry

Commercial trucks are the most effective means of transportation for commercial goods, but only if this can be talented within a good distance on land. Intermodal transport offers greater support for various industries, especially if the goods need to be transported to greater distances than a truck driver can accomplish within the required number of hours.


Normally, truck drivers are only essential to drive eleven hours within a fourteen-hour stretch, meaning they may rest for an interspersed three hours in-between. Truck drivers are also essential to rest for the next ten hours afterwards. Truck drivers want to accomplish this by driving at a satisfactorily fast pace. Intermodal transportation allows farther and faster transportation of goods.


Intermodal transportation is the transfer of the goods from one "mode" to another-from truck to train or ship, and ship or train to truck. This is particularly useful if the goods are of high demand, are perishable, or are needed as instantly as possible. The largest companies in the world use intermodal transport to bring goods across greater distances than commercial trucks can travel.


While trucking in the transportation business remains the most widely used method of commercial transportation, Intermodal transport is a welcome boost to the transportation of goods. Intermodal transportation can quicken the transfer of goods and maximize profits with more than one type of transfer. Sometimes, intermodal may not necessarily denote from land to air, sea, or rail. Sometimes, goods are brought together in a larger vessel and then transported to another destination.


Intermodal transport is a freight organization task that can be talented with piggybacking, which is the practice of carrying a vessel or vehicle over another, bigger one. There may be more than one vehicle being carried: one acknowledged practice used in the military is the naval aircraft carrier, a ship that can carry a fleet of military aircraft. In commercial transportation, this involves a ship carrying another ship, or a mass of trucks carrying tons of goods. Sometimes, trucks are also carried on larger flatbed trucks, sometimes with more than one flatbed trailer to carry more semi-trailer trucks.


CDL 1000 offers groundbreaking solutions for the daily challenges surrounding drayage- intermodal operations. Featured in FreightWaves, CDL 1000 is a 24-hour asset-based 3PL that offers ramp solutions with advanced tracking and freight matching capabilities. Work with CDL 1000 on your next drayage-intermodal project by calling or getting a quote from our new shipping calculator.


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