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Independent Music Artists - Attract More Listeners and Fans

As an artist you are more than likely using MySpace (or another social networking site) as one of the main area's in which your music is presented to your audience (especially through the internet), it is a great place to network with other artists and DJ's as well, but where is the number 1 place you can listen to artists? Where is the ultimate place to sell your music to a perfect target audience? All of this can be found and heard at Radio Stations.


Can you remember a time when you heard a song or an artist on any radio station and then went and looked for extra facts online about that particular artist? Possibly you aspire to be the artist which listeners of the radio station are attempting to find in google? If you realize that your music is what everybody might be attracted to and that the form of the song you make is in demand then all you need to do is reach your listeners!


We all want more plays, more fans and more listeners to our MySpace pages but the most important part of this is the fact that they are genuine fans, genuine listeners and that they return over and over again to your page, they need to be loyal to the artist and have a need for your music. So if you have the music (which we have already established is ready for it's audience) then all you need to do is capture that very audience and make it your own! Now the question is... how?


You need to gather a collection of your best tracks (The tune's which you assume constitute you as an artist), perhaps you could even exhibit the ability's that you have as an artist (freestyles, exclusives, etc...) and create your self a mixtape, but what's a mixtape if you have no longer were given the target audience or are not attracting new listeners to your music? It's just more new and loose track in your already dependable fans who're probably more than possible to purchase your tune if you bundle it as an album... We need to target new listeners and new enthusiasts on your song and this is where I can help you out.


If we can combine the use of a mixtape and radio promotion together then we have what the industry has been using for a long time rolled into one, we have mixtape promotion (it has been around for a long time and is still strong in the industry and we know we can capture new listeners for your music all over the place from the streets to the internet) and we also have radio promotion which we also know has a very strong online and offline presence within the music world.


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