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TriSMART Solar Opens New Markets in Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico

March 2020 – With Headquarters in Houston, TX, TriSMART is opening three new markets in Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico to address the growing demand for affordable solar power solutions options.


TriSMART is the leading name in affordable solar energy option and complete solar installation all throughout The Lone Star State. They provide solar power systems to both residential and commercial locations using Mission Solar Panels which are made in San Antonio, TX.


"TriSMART is excited to offer solar education, engineering, procurement, and construction services in Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Local sales representatives in these areas have been asking us to open these markets so they can have an opportunity to work with our team,” said Mark Bench, co-owner of TriSMART.


“Residents in these states have been patiently waiting for us to finalize our licensing so they can be served by our team in their solar projects. 2020 will be another record breaking year for TriSMART and we appreciate everyone on our team who has made it possible for us to expand into new markets," he added.


Founded in 2013, TriSMART Solar has been helping families across Texas switch to more efficient solar energy system with no money down.  With the state of Texas offering huge tax credits to make it easy for home owners to go solar, the costs have significantly come down with Energy Tax Credits and $0 down offers.  Solar has never been so easy and affordable enabling TriSMART to provide its growing market reach the opportunity to integrate efficient solar power system into their current power source. Their services include Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Renewable Energy options, Clean Power, Solar Maintenance and Home Improvements among others.


With the growing popularity of alternative energy sources, solar power is a key solution that will eventually replace fossil fuels and other conventional sources of energy commonly used today to power up homes and other industries. Solar power is free and when properly harnessed, it can provide a never ending source of power, low maintenance cost, and almost zero operational cost once the initial expenses for setting up the solar panel system is done. As long as the sun continues to shine, generating energy using solar energy systems will be possible without costing you a dime. And regardless of how many people would want to harness the energy of the sun, you will never run out of power as compared to local power grid where power outage is a regular occurrence due to overloading of their power system.


By simplifying the integration of solar systems for both residential and commercial requirements, TriSMART made solar energy solutions an easy renewable energy option. In the past, the initial cost for converting a house to use solar energy systems can be quite expensive but when it comes to saving money, you will be surprised as to how much you can save from paying skyrocketing utility bills for your electricity and gas expenses. By integrating this sustainable source of energy, there is more potential for huge savings in the future not to mention the ability to become fully independent in producing one’s own electricity.


The growing dependence of the world to the conventional source of energy like fossil fuels can now be reduced with the emergence of solar energy systems and other alternative sources of energy. Not only will this help reduce the monthly household expenses but it can also provide a viable option for saving the environment and significantly reducing carbon emission.



Zach Hall

VP of Business Development


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