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Mining status in 2020: low computing power mining machine exits the industry and enters the inflecti

The biggest change in the mining circle around the New Year is that a large number of miners have reached the shutdown price, and a small number of small miners are holding out a lot of low-power mining machines. According to the mining pool data, as of December 24, 2019, based on the electricity cost of 0.05usd / degree and 0.00001942 BTC / T / day output calculation, the Shenma mining machine M3, Avalon mining machine A741, and wing bit mining machine E9 + , Ant mining machine T9 + and other models have reached the shutdown price.


The ant miner S9, which is called the "generation emperor" and occupied 60% of BTC's network computing power during its peak period, is also facing the danger of shutting down. If the computing power of the entire network continues to increase and the currency price remains unchanged, the ant S9 will Say goodbye to occupying the mining circle stage for 3 years. This is inevitable for small miners who still use low-power mining machines to mine. 



From this wave of computing power, we can basically draw a conclusion: no matter from the perspective of the shutdown coin price or the current cycle, low-power mining machines are being stepped out of the mining circle step by step. You can still check more information on . Mining machines with high computing power and low power consumption will Replace old miners. Looking back at historical data, we can find that after the big bull market in 2017, BTC has soared in both price and computing power in 2018.The mining power of the entire network reached 65 EH / s and the price was stable at $ 6,000. After the high point, in December 2018, the BTC price and computing power began to fall sharply, reaching $ 3,000 and 35 EH / s, respectively.


Since then, the BTC price and the mining power of the entire network have begun to rebound, soaring to $ 14,000 and the computing power of up to 110 EH / s. In 2019, the computing power of the entire network of BTC has increased by 80% since June. As of December 24, the computing power of the entire network was about 98EH / S. The operation of large computing power machines in the market will continue to increase this number.


So if you want to survive in such a market, it is the kingly way to constantly update the mining machine. Recently, many media pointed out that "Super mining disasters will usher in 2020." For this statement, Jia Nan Yunzhi CEO Shao Jianliang said in a show: I do n’t believe in super mining disasters. I believe this must be some smart miners And some unreliable miners. The process repeats itself, with similar rotations each time. But every time something unexpected happens. It is worth looking forward to every halving of the market. 


At the same time, Shao Jianliang also mentioned that mining is actually the process of buying BTC at a cost price. Non-compliance is a periodic product and does not mean forever. The third halving of production will usher in the turning point of the mining industry, and this year will also be a year worth looking forward to in the mining industry. In order to meet the "third halving of bitcoin in 2020" in 2020, RHY cloud computing power has begun to purchase high-power mining machines as early as 2019, adding more choices for platform miners to cooperate with low prices For the full year of electricity, miners can have a relatively large mining advantage to mine coins, thus easily meeting the third output halving at a low cost.

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