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The wide range of Lesbian sex toys


No matter if you are an experienced or a new person in using lesbian adult toys, you might still be surprised by the amount of options that are available in the online sites like These toys are no more just linked with double-ended dildos and strap ons, though these product types are a popular option amongst the community.

Strap ons

Strap ons include a dildo that is linked to a strap, worn around the thighs and waist like you would wear your briefs. The strap is supplied with O ring attachments in order that if there is a detachable dildo, it can quite easily be substituted with a new one that has a different size. Though they are a fashionable alternative, there are various different options available now. Strap on come with wired and wireless multispeed vibrators accessible as a substitute to dildos. A strapless strap on is the recent development, without or with vibration, which as suggested by the name, does not entail any strapping or harness, however, it has a bulbous shaped extension that can be put inside the vagina or the anus and permits for synchronized pleasure to the partners. You can also use a custom sex doll for your pleasure with your strap-on.

Double enders

The double-enders or double-ended dildos are of the shape of the traditional dildo, however, they are significantly longer which lets for double penetration. Typically in the structure of jelly dildos to make sure that insertion is easy and offer better flexibility, these dildos are available with varying speed pulsating action and come in a wide range of girths and lengths depending on your personal preference.

Pleasure balls and love eggs

Pleasure balls and love eggs can also be utilized in the anus or the vagina. Either circular or elliptical in shape, these toys typically have an outer coating that is soft, and at times it has a nodular surface and includes internal steel balls. After insertion, the steady rolling motion can produce huge pleasure. They come as two eggs or balls that are linked by a strong Nylon cord and they can be utilized for individual pleasure or by both the parents at the same time. Pleasure balls and love eggs also operate as an efficient pelvic floor exerciser and toner, especially post-menopause or childbirth.

Butterfly stimulators

Butterfly stimulators or butterfly adult toys are sported as you would wear your briefs, however, there is a particular difference; these toys include a built-in pulsating action that excites the clitoris. This clit stimulator type sometimes has a small penis plug placed inside the vagina for clitoral and vaginal stimulation, simultaneously. Clitoral pumps or massagers offer multispeed variations by producing an augmented blood flow to the vaginal area and labia.


Lesbian sex toys don’t just come in the form of sex toy merchandises that intend to excite the labia, clitoris, anus or vagina. Female pumps can be utilized on the breasts and the clitoris as well. By utilizing a hand pump and leaving the suction cup on the nipples and breasts a firm vacuum is produced thus creating intense sensations.There are some substantial number of sex enhancement products accessible that help intensify the intimate responses of a female, no matter if it is for the female g-spot, nipples or clitoris. There are several options available today for lesbians than in the past decades that come in various sizes, colors, and styles and cater to all budgets.

Sexual lubricants


There are various types of sexual lubricants available and they are sold in large numbers every year. They perform the function of reducing friction among two touching surfaces which thus helps reduce wear and improve efficiency.


Several first-timers find it very useful to make use of the lubricants. They can be a huge advantage to a woman who has intercourse with their partner, initially. This can be particularly the case when the partner who is at the receiving end is experiencing a tense situation. The lubricants can make a first-timer of anal intercourse an easier experience. But, sexual lubricants are not only for people who have sex for the first time. They can be used when having an encounter with realistic sex dolls as well. They can also be utilized whenever some extra lubrication is necessary during intercourse. They help ease the sex toy or a penis into the anus or vagina with minimal effort which thus lessens the possibility of painful sex.


The wide majority of lubricants are not sticky or do not stain and can be washed off easily later. They can offer you a natural feeling or provide your skin with a cooling or warming sensation. But, sexual lubricants are not just for penetrative sex alone. Flavoured lubes are perfect for oral sexual intercourse as well. The lubricants can offer enjoyable sex each time, be it anal, oral or vaginal sex. The essential thing to take into consideration is to have good fun during sexual intercourse and these lubricants can help achieve this. Here’s a word of caution, though. Lubricants based on oil are not appropriate for use with latex condoms since they make it ineffectual. 

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