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Ideal Device For Controlling An Android TV Dongle

If you are in the market for an Android TV dongle, then you will no doubt need a remote control to interact with your now-smart TV. The question is, what kind of remote will work best for your situation?

Pre-Packaged Android TV Remote Controller

Most HDMI and USB TV dongle programs include their own faraway controllers, making those the go-to answers for running with an Android media dongle. These look loads like your well known TV far flung - square blocks with diverse buttons which will fiddle round with.


This is a simple solution that gets the job done, although manipulating the Android media interface can be quite cumbersome. This is especially true when inputting text and numbers, which involves a lot of tricky button pressing. Stick to this solution if you want to keep costs down and are willing to bear with a somewhat cumbersome input.

Android-Based Remote Apps

Many a dongle has an app for Android smartphones and tablets. All you want to do is deploy the proper app and presto, your nifty little tablet or telephone is now a TV far flung! The virtual keyboard of the smartphone additionally makes inputting text lots easier, which solves another primary headache. You may even installation apps that allow a TV streaming dongle ship video in your Android tool.


The downside to using these devices, however, is that you will often need wireless Internet access for the setup to work. You also need to be extra careful when using your smartphone or tablet as a remote control. Dropping and cracking a twenty or thirty-dollar remote is nothing compared to dropping and cracking a device worth a few hundred dollars.

Specialized Android TV Remote Controllers

There are faraway controllers out there which can be specially designed to work smoothly with the common dongle. These include their very own keypads for typing in textual content, Bluetooth structures to connect without Internet access, and miniature contact screens (or pads) to pick out larger tiles on the laptop display screen with pinpoint accuracy.


Needless to mention you'll must positioned a bit extra money into these devoted Android TV controllers, but the resulting bump in ergonomics will make the purchase well well worth it. This is the choice for those which can be inclined to spend money on a solid and reliable control device to go along with their Android TV dongle.

Voice and Gesture Controllers


Major tech companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Google are pushing voice and gesture-based technology into the average home. There are already a few examples of smart TVs that you can manipulate using voice commands and hand gestures. It will only take a little time for that technology to become available for the average Android TV dongle setup.


Such generation isn't always yet mature enough to be useful for modern consumer; however, if the problems with reliability and simplicity of use are overcome, then voice and gesture may be an excellent - if relatively pricey - technique of manipulating the consumer interface of the common Android TV tool.


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