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Custom Printed Face Masks - A Small Part of Our New Normal

May, 2020 Huntington Beach, CA – As America goes back to work, school, and life in a new normal, business owners have a responsibility to protect our customers, team members, and the community. Nearly anywhere in the USA at the moment, those shopping or conducting business are wearing some kind of face mask, and it continues to be recommended by the CDC. Recently, Dr. Subinoy Das, chief medical officer of Tivic Health and the chief executive officer of the U.S. Institute for Advanced Sinus Care and Research stated “It is becoming increasingly clear that all people should be wearing masks while out in public. Masks are a likely reason why the virus has been better controlled in China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries.” Some may say it is the reasonably responsible thing we can do individually to affect our health and others.


Providing our teams with face masks is critical to opening our businesses in a responsible manner. The option of branding face masks for your teams is now a reality, and will help identify staff with your logo, tagline, or safety statement. The masks made by are machine washable (gentle cycle), air dry to maintain quality, reusable, and crafted from comfortable 2-ply 180g Polyester.


When we speak of responsible manner, we should also consider our environment. While most places are purchasing disposable masks, this will have an environmental impact over time. One eco-friendly option is to have custom branded face masks specific for your business using durable fabric. While these masks are not N95 certified medical masks, they meet the recommendation by the CDC in personal safety when social distancing is not required or may not be realistic.


When issuing face masks to your team, a good number to provide is 6 masks per employee. This is so they can be swapped out mid-shift and rotated on a 3-day basis, with enough time to wash and air dry between each wear, it provides a barrier to help against spread of COVID-19.


Considered a leader in branded event and display items in the USA, is ready for your face masks orders. This American company is known for high quality, best value, and passionate about helping its customers look good at events and turn higher ROI from event leads.



Barry Bradham
President / Owner

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