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The first airtrack company to allow customers to order customized airtracks

Gymnasts and tumblers who are interested in making their own airtracks can now use the platform provided by AIIR to customise their own products. AIIR is giving those who are interested in getting affordable and quality airtracks a chance to craft their own. This is a unique opportunity only available to AIIR customers, both in Norway and around the globe. While making the announcement, AIIR founder, Jostein Thomassen, said that they are helping those interested in evolving their tumbling skills to make their own airtracks and enjoy doing it. He added that the whole process can be done online by visiting for those in Norway, or for people in other parts of the world.


Customising your own airtrack online is a first, and AIIR Airtrack Distribution is the leader as well as the only supplier of customised airtracks, where gymnasts and tumblers can decide on the individual colours of the different parts. The customised products meet the highest quality levels, and AIIR assures their customers that they will get the same quality materials as the other products available on the online platform. While commenting on the process of crafting the airtracks, the company founder noted that all the products are made by experienced craftsmen and -ladies, professionals that pay attention to details and ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want.


The customised airtracks are manufactured on order, where the customer specifies what they need. Once they have stated their own specifications, a team of professionals take up the crafting, making sure the customised product is completed within a reasonably short period. The process is done with the greatest precision, giving the customers exactly what they ordered.


For international customers, the customised airtracks are produced, tested, and delivered globally within approximately three weeks from date of ordering, according to the company founder.


“With the customising tools, customers will get the most out of the related products, including airstacks, airblocks, airspots and airolls,” confirmed Thomasen, while urging customers to take advantage of the customising feature to get a product of choice and make airtracking a fun and enjoyable game.


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About AIIR


AIIR is a Norwegian company providing high quality and affordable air tracks; both in Norway and the Global market.

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