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Love Yourself First – How Women Can Find Comfort Within Themselves In An Uncomfortable Time

May, 2020 ––  Samora Suber recently launched her digital course that would help women increase confidence, focus, and self-worth especially during this trying times.


Samora helps young women fall more in love with themselves so they can live better lives. “Love Yourself First” can help women find more value within themselves so they can bring value to the world. It provides self-love tools that look at frustration, fear and insecurities piece by piece so you can completely stop disbelieving yourself and start being and doing what you love.


Curated by Samora Suber, who is also an Integrative Coach and Yoga Teacher based in Los Angeles, CA, Samoralife is a loving community of young women who are looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery. She started coaching and mentoring young women while in New York more than 10 years ago. During this time, she has managed award-winning, therapeutic programs where many young women consulted her for life advice.


“I noticed that they all had similar challenges. They wanted to feel loved, supported, and live purposeful lives,” Samora said.


Samora has developed a transformative self-care course to improve women’s confidence, focus, and self-worth. Developing inner personal transformation is usually a crucial part of women’s own personal development. To feel good about themselves, they need to set achievable standards to overcome hurdles in this fast changing society. Developing yourself to become a much better person is an investment that can help you improve not only your life skills but also allow you to achieve personal growth as a person.


"Samora helped me in becoming my full purposeful self,” Shanay said. “She showed me how to make my mental, spiritual and physical health a priority and gave me resources to elevate my awareness of who I am and who I want to become," she added.


This 5-week journey with Samora will help you clarify your priorities, get yourself grounded, be accountable and make you a woman of your word and how to feel confident about yourself. Almost every day, the self-esteem of a woman is always under attack by the media bombarding them with designer bags and shoes, pictures of a perfect family, successful nine to five careers, perfectly shaped bodies, and whatnot. No wonder a lot of women are losing connection with their inner divine female energy which often results to low self-esteem.


"I LOVED this course! It came right on time when my life was ready to receive it. I can honestly say with everything that was happening in my life, this course was a great foundation to keep me grounded & focused on my goals," Sharon commented.


"I recommend this course for anyone who feels lonely or confused about their next steps in life,” said Natalie. “Having a simple, supportive, and informative guide on how to best create time for myself has been life-changing."


Love Yourself First” will help women focus on area or areas in their lives that need more love and attention. This digital course is now available online and can be accessed at During the course of this 5-week program, you will have to slow down so you can fully understand and recognize the six key areas in your life which include Home, Health, Finances, Relationships, Spirit, Work. Focus on a single area that needs more of your love and attention so you can come to terms with who you really are, at this moment, while discovering what truly motivates and triggers you.


As a woman, you need to overcome obstacles in life by believing in yourself. This is the first step towards personal transformation and assessing your personal power as an individual capable of doing great things. It will help you become more intentional and purposeful about your daily routines as you guide yourself in the direction of growth.



Samora Suber



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