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Distinct Expectations is giving their customers a 20% off Mother’s Day Sale

With Mother’s Day having come and gone, nothing should come between showing love and appreciation to such an important person in your life. Covid-19 may have forced everyone to stay away from each other and the official day that marks Mother’s Day may have passed but showing gratitude to mothers is not just a one-day event – it should be all year around. These are the sentiments expressed by Distinct Expectations when they decided to offer a 20%reduction on Mother’s Day sales. The online shopping platform offers a wide collection of distinctive products ranging from dresses, tops, t-shirts, jumpsuits, in-style footwear, jeweler, accessories and many other trendy designs, making it easy to show appreciation to mothers, especially during a period when the world is facing an unprecedented calamity.


“We want to make it easy to show appreciation to our mothers this year and make them feel loved. We clearly understand that people are facing difficult times, and one way of easing this hardship is by rewarding mothers for the great role they have played in our lives,” said the Distinct Expectations representative while expressing the need to get mothers a perfect gift for the occasion.


To help show appreciation to mothers, the online shop is giving a price reduction on selected products. They are giving 20% off, an offer they have dubbed: Mother’s Day Sale. The platform, which is designed so fashion lovers get what is trending at highly competitive prices, is not only offering an avenue for shoppers to get quality products at an affordable price but is also ensuring the delivered Mother’s Day gift is a great treat.


“We have in stock great products, trendy designs, 2020 fashion, everything that your mother will appreciate,” said Robin Lott, the owner of Distinct Expectations,


Distinct Expectations offers their shoppers fashion democracy, where one has total freedom to choose the style and designs that they want. The shop strives to accord every fashion lover a chance to discover the amazing things they are capable of and according to the owner, their catalogue is not just clothing or accessories—it is a lifestyle and an attitude that aims at empowering and giving people freedom. Robin Lott added that Distinct Expectations is a great platform for mother’s day gifts as every item on their catalogue is handpicked with great care, with a shopper in mind and great thought put in as far as meeting the taste and needs are concerned.


With its doorstep delivery, customers who are worried how their packages will get to their mothers, especially those who have been forced to stay away due to social distancing, can stay cool, as Robin Lott assures them it will get there in time. According to Robin Lott, the Mother’s Day Sale will run for some time after the actual day to allow as many shoppers to show gratitude to their mothers.


About info


Distinct Expectations is an online shop offering a wide range of distinctive products including tasteful dresses, playful tops, comfy t-shirts, foxy jumpsuits, in-style footwear, shining jewellery, accessories, and many more trendy designs for men & women at highly competitive prices. The platform also connects fashion lovers with award-winning brands that have engraved their ever-lasting signatures on the fashion industry.


Distinct Expectations was an idea born from a shopaholic girl who wanted to calm her impulsive nerves through bringing smart choices to her life. She could not keep her emotions turned off after coming across stylish yet expensive things, and out of numerous window shopping and budget treatments, she started looking for solutions on how to get the sought-after brands. Upon succeeding, she thought of sharing similar experiences with millions of other fashion lovers, allowing them to make better, luxurious choices within budget.


Media contact

Name: Robin Lott
Title: Owner
Phone#: 708.872.0164


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