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Support for Cysters in Teal: 2021 PCOS CON Tickets on Sale Now!

(June, 2020, Arlington, Texas) - Being a woman is a fantastic adventure, and the experience of childbirth is one of those incredible events. Unfortunately, being of childbearing age is not pleasant for all women. Up to ten percent of women experience a highly overlooked, debilitating condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Painful, irregular menstrual cycles with erratic hormonal fluctuations that cause acne, thinning scalp hair, and excess hair growth elsewhere are only the beginning of this chronic condition. There is no cure, but some PCOS survivors find relief through hormone-based therapy.


Though likely present from the onset of their first menstrual period, women generally aren't diagnosed with PCOS until they are unable to become pregnant. At least two of three symptoms must be present to be diagnosed, specifically irregular or no periods, higher than normal levels of androgen, or multiple small cysts on the ovaries. Studies show that over half of PCOS survivors develop type 2 diabetes before they turn forty and have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. These women are at higher risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and stroke. Many with PCOS suffer depression and anxiety, understandably, from the stress of living with the disease. 


Megan M. Pearson was diagnosed with PCOS at 16, and she felt the calling to help educate her friends and family about PCOS and what she is surviving. Megan began selling handmade teal bracelets in2012, to assist in that awareness. After receiving requests for her bracelets from all over the world, she realized the need for more knowledge, support, and resources for others surviving PCOS. She formed the PCOS Awareness Association using teal as part of the association's brand.  


In 2019, PCOS Awareness Association held its first PCOS CON 'Together We Can...' to bring medical professionals, companies, organizations, researchers, hundreds of individuals with PCOS, and their supporters together for two and half days. Attendees found the event informative, supportive, empowering, and entertaining with the high-energy and captivating guest speakers, fun activities, exhibits, presentations, gifts, guest celebrities, and Teal-themed special events. 

Linda M., one of the 2019 attendees' states, "2019 PCOS CON was a life-changing event for my family and me. We are so thankful to the PCOS Awareness Association for bringing all of us Cysters together. We can't wait to return for PCOS CON 2021." There was an 8 percent turnout for men, including Charles S., who shared that "As males, we need to be a lot more supportive and understanding of women with PCOS. The Men of Teal group is eager to learn and get more males involved. We are excited to have a session just for us during PCOS CON, and we hope more will join us in being Men of Teal."


Since 2019 PCOS CON was a great success. It resulted in over 193 thousand Facebook event reaches and over 24 thousand website visitors it is returning September 16-18th in 2021, as announced by founder Megan M. Pearson, "I am thrilled to announce our bi-annual event to Arlington, TX in 2021! We hope to see you next year." Ticket reservations are available at a discount until May 2021 for the full conference, single, or multiple individual days at


Speakers, moderators, and vendors who would like to participate can also submit their application for consideration. 

PCOS Awareness Association is the world's most significant 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to their mission to raise awareness of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome by providing information and support to help individuals understand the disorder, treatment options, and providing resources for those diagnosed to help them overcome symptoms and decrease the impact of any associated health risks. Visit their website at for more information.



Megan M Pearson

Founder / Executive Director


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