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SelfServiceOO offers the hospitality industry a platform to continue operations...

The hospitality industry continues to be heavily impacted during the current pandemic, and establishments are seeking solutions in order to continue operations while adhering to social distancing requirements of COVID-19.


SelfServiceOO™offers hospitality organizations, food service kitchens and restaurants a digital ordering platform to conduct business during the pandemic.”We are ready to assist scaling ordering and realizing the full potential of your restaurant and service kitchen,” said media relations officer, Eve Duenas. The company is focused on modernizing the hospitality industry, as well as helping enterprises within this business vertical to simplify and monetize operations. Duenas confirmed that the company does not submit to a one-size-fits-all-solution, but rather, one that is tailored to each business’ specific needs.


Although SelfServiceOO  was designed long before the onset of the current pandemic, Duenas explained, “We are modeled for the current environment, allowing businesses to provide for the needs of each and every one of its guests by virtue of SelfServiceOO’s digital ordering technology, while preventing the spread of infections.”


SelfServiceOO holds decades of combined experience in the digital space and regarded as more than just another online ordering company.  Rather, the company is a trusted digital technology partner who has helped countless businesses with digital transformation.”We are a forward thinking partner that will assist your business’ growth, as well as support your team in delivering first-class customer experiences, while assisting brands scale-up and accomplish mission critical enterprise objectives that truly drive future bottom-line growth,” said Duenas.


About the Company


SelfServiceOO is committed to the growth of its clients and will pay back 5¢ of every order to the client’s business. SelfServiceOO is dedicated to providing the hospitality industry with leading digital ordering solutions. The company helps modernize, simplify, and monetize service kitchens while delivering a best-in-class experience for customers. Pricing is clear, fair and honest; there are no hidden fees. 


For more information, or to request a free consultation, or demo, please visit

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