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Why Is Compassion a Crime?

June , 2020--On a hot summer day in 2015, Anita Krajnc performed an act of compassion for which she was arrested and faced up to ten years in prison: she gave a bit of water to thirsty, overheated pigs that were being transported in a dirty, crowded truck to be slaughtered. This is the story of her trial, of why what she did matters, and of what we all can do.


The Anita Krajnc case is about a Toronto resident who was charged with criminal mischief for providing water to pigs confined in a slaughter truck on its way to Fearman's Pork Inc. slaughterhouse which is located in Burlington, Greater Toronto Area. The case sparked a great interest from the public especially among animal rights advocates that helped in creating many online petitions in defense of Krajnc. On her part, Krajncasserted that treating live animals like pigs as property is – "no different than a toaster" – and this has become the focal issue of the matter. ForKrajnc, beingcompassionate to living animals should not be considered criminal.


Compassion Is Not a Crime: The Anita Krajnc Trial is Kyle Ferguson’s second book. Kyle Ferguson isa public speaker and a human and animal rights activist who is also the co-founder of The Light Movement. Kyle is dedicated to making the world a better place with love and light and she is also the bestselling author of "The Christian Bubble".


“In ‘Compassion Is Not a Crime’ you will immediately discover about the shocking truth about the greed, horrific violence, and corruption hidden inside of the animal agriculture industry,” Ferguson said.


“Readers will also understand why it is healthier and necessary for the planet to consume a vegan diet,” she added.

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