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Donadiablasexyworld Presents Empress Dona Diabla's finance intuitive services

With businesses having been greatly affected by COVID-19 lockdowns, people are struggling to keep their finances afloat. To help individuals and businesses deal with difficult times, Elvira Leon, a finance intuitive consultant, life coach and Reiki master, is using her corporate world background and experience in finance intuition. Elvira Leon who also goes by the name Empress DonaDiabla gives her messages in form of clair audience where she aims at giving enlightenment and clarity to businesses. For the last five years, Empress Dona Diabla has broken the mould in traditional hypnosis where she has been helping her clients create financial abundance through her hypnotism and Reiki. As a financial intuitive consultant, she reads the energy around the question and issues raised by the client and gives information accordingly.


Empress DonaDiabla has a B.A in Communications with a minor in Latin American studies and a master's in Metaphysics. Some of the questions that she help her client answer include: whether they are working harder and they are not making as much as they feel like they should, whether they wish all their clients were wonderful, whether they operate from a place of scarcity, and does the worry about money distracts them from the joy of working? Other questions revolve around clarity of goals, detailed strategy and working habits.


“My business tarot reading is the process of receiving and interpreting extraordinary information to help your business decisions. I will use the tarot to discuss career strategies, financial planning, and business ventures,” said Empress Dona Diabla while articulating some of the assistance that she offers her clients.


Using her podcast Donadiablasexyworld assures her clients of the need to overcome their fears and worries. “Don't worry about your business if Empress Dona Diabla helps you. Don't let fear into your finances.  Let make your business grow again,” stresses Empress Dona Diabla, assuring her clients of her help during these stressful times. To achieve this, Empress uses business tarot readings, astrological advice, and crystal ball readings to help everyone from CEOs to stockbrokers.


About Empress Dona Diabla

Empress Dona Diabla is a finance intuitive consultant, life coach and Reiki master. She has been offering her services for past 5 years. She has been helping her customers deal with various issues using her business tarot readings, finance intuitive, corporate psychic, and high-end psychic skills.


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